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Rampant Silliness

Because we at the WWC strongly believe that humor can be educational.

The archives of a comic that sprang from a very snarky Twitter feed.

Inspired by the 128 Basic Slave Rules penned by a member of Seattle's own CSPC, this short introductory video presents this work with all of the gravity and reverence we have come to expect from random people on the internet.

  • Bikini Waxing
  • Because everything is less traumatic with some nice perky music.
On the importance of negotiation before any sort of intimate play.
Because contrary to appearances we're not trying to traumatize you for life.

Sometimes spanking fetishes can be very specific.

Condom use as taught by puppets of questionable repute because ... why the hell not?

From the Bug comic archives. Not that we have any members who'd be into this sort of thing.  Oh, noooooo.

Lovely, detailed sculptures of Miss Piggy, Kermit, and at least one surprise guest enjoying themselves in ways that we never saw on The Muppet Show.  

Rule 34 of the Internet:  if you've ever wondered if there is porn regarding a particular topic, that porn exists somewhere on the Internet.

Navigating polyamory can be tricky, but worthwhile, as Wally discovers in this section of his relationships.

(Our Grand Poobah told me to recommended that I add the following:  This page was lovingly agonized over by Byrdie.)