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Why yes, people do indeed publish lots and lots of books about this topic.  Here are some of our favorites.

Edited by Janet W. Hardy. Are you craftsy? Are you simply appalled by how much money it seems to take to put together a decent toybag? This book is a collection of construction recipes from people in various kink communities. Projects range from easy to hard, from cheap to ... cheaper than buying it retail.

Written by the crew of Suspended Animation, this book is meant to supplement the hands-on, supervised education of novice and out-of-practice riggers.

Written by Kacie Cunningham, the subtitle is "girl-to-girl wisdom about fulfilling your submissive desires." This was suggested to us by a member who found it inspiring early on in her kink journey.

Written by Hardy Haberman, the subtitle of this book is A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment. Yes, there are people of any gender who are interested in getting their genitals tortured, just as there are people interested in doing the torturing.  We recommend taking a class in the topic, but reading up is also wise.

Written by Gary Atkins. This is a history of queer community and politics in Seattle, including Leather culture.

Written by risk-assessment professional Gavin de Becker. Regularly mentioned at the WWC, a must-read for anyone who has gotten trained out of listening to their instinct / intuition / inner voice / gut-reaction for the sake of being "nice".

Written by Marketplace author Laura Antoniou. What Bimbos of the Death Sun was to science fiction fandom, this book may well be to the kinky convention circuit.

Written by Luna Grey. The book many of us wish had been published when we started out in kink.

Written by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. These are considered to be some of the most accessible BDSM non-fiction standards.

Written by Robert Davolt. From the archives of the defunct Drummer Magazine, a series of articles for the beginner about navigating gay Leather culture, etiquette, businesses, and contests. Funny, snide, and relevant even in today's pansexual kink scenes.

Written by Philip Miller and Molly Devon. This large book includes photographs, illustrations, checklists, a glossary; plus perspectives on BDSM co-written by a male master (now deceased) and a female slave couple.

Author Mira Kirshenbaum offers 36 questions on a variety of topics to help the reader determine whether it's in their best interest to stay and fight for the relationship, or whether it's time to realize that there is nothing left for which to fight.

Also written by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. This book could make a good gift for a concerned partner or other loved one who is trying to come to terms with your announcement that you're kinky.

Written by Midori, this is a compilation of her articles and essays on a broad number of kinky topics. Even an experienced player venturing into a certain kink for the first time may find some helpful perspectives in this book.

(Our Grand Poobah told me to recommended that I add the following:  This page was lovingly agonized over by Byrdie.)