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You'd do well not to listen to most of these at work unless you have one of those kinda jobs.
  • Do You Take it ...?

    By the Wetspots, because some things are necessary to know when considering a new partner.

Count Boogie's public service announcement to people who look at others more as carriers of convenient parts than as people.

"A word of encouragement for kinky folks everywhere, offered as a thanks" by ResonantYes.
  • Thank You, Hater!

    By Clever Pie and Isabel Fay.  Oh, come on. Look on the bright side of cyber-bullying! 

The official, locally filmed video of the song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz. (Consider: kink on a realistic budget!)

(Our Grand Poobah told me to recommended that I add the following:  This page was lovingly agonized over by Byrdie.)