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It can be difficult to meet people at events, as they're often there for dates they've already made.  However, sometimes personals and social networking sites can help start an in person contact.
    • OKCupid

      A dating site appreciated by geeky people for its use of questions and algorithms to match people up. Some of our members have had very good luck on OKC, though others have noticed a tendency for the site to match them with former partners.
This is a Google Chrome plug-in that allows users to mark certain profiles as approachable or not, and to get a quick view of a potential match's answers to specifically chosen types of questions.
Although this article is specifically geared towards plus size women, it makes points about how to work OKCupid in one's favor based on what questions the user decides to answer. If you haven't been getting good matches, scroll down to the section entitled "You can use a few cool hacks to make OKCupid work better for you." for insight.
    • FetLife

      Not exactly a dating site, but as the kinky version of FaceBook it is one of the largest active social networking sites for kinky people. It houses many area-specific personals groups, but there's a great deal more discussion that goes on there. Also the site's Events tab, particularly the Events Near Me section, can help you find classes, workshops, lectures, munches, and parties that could lead to meeting wonderful kinky people.

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