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Because it's either this or drink more coffee.
A munch is a casual social gathering in the BDSM community, usually in a public place like a cafe or restaurant, where the dress-code is typically street casual (no fetish wear) and behavior is expected to be appropriate to the venue (no kinky play).  It's a great way to get to know some of your local kink community and find out about groups and upcoming events. The WWC would be considered a munch, for instance.  These events happen all year 'round, typically monthly.  Please note:  if you're not already a FetLife member only a few of the provided links are going to work for you.

During Leather Pride week, the contest for the new Washington State title holders occurs.
  • KinkFest

    Possibly the biggest kink convention in the Pacific Northwestern United States, this event tends to happen in March - sometimes over Easter weekend. It's put on by the Portland Leather Alliance.
  • NorwesCon

    Possibly the biggest science fiction convention in the Pacific Northwestern United States, this event is held over Easter weekend. Showing the overlap between the kink and geek communities, NorWes offers an evening "Alternative" track in which some members of our community lead panel discussions.
  • Sakura-Con

    Possibly the biggest anime, manga, and cosplay (costume play) convention in the Pacific Northwestern United States, this event is also held over Easter weekend. The henti (perversion) sub-genre of anime seems to appeal to many kinky folk, as does the cosplay aspect of the fandom.

Portland Furry and Anthropomorphic Convention.

Organized in response to a Toronto police officer's 2011 advice to women that they "should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized".
  • Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

    Organized originally by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, SEAF is a multi-day art show that is open to the adult public. Not only does it involve visual art, but also readings, performances, demonstrations, and lively evening parties.
  • Pride

    Seattle's biggest Pride parade goes through Downtown and ends at the Seattle Center.

  • Leather Reign

    The Seattle area's own convention that celebrates Leather culture. All are welcome.

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