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While there is a large DYI element to the kink community, many people do purchase from local crafters - either frequently or once in a while.  Here are a few with whom we're familiar:
    • Bare Leatherworks

      They make bad-ass looking floggers in a variety of sizes and styles, and use a selection of leathers to help kinksters provide the desired sensations.
    • The Kinktrepreneurs

      Sex and political columnist Dan Savage spotlights three local kinky crafts-and-business people in this article from The StrangerScott Paul (kinky toys designed to look sleek), Tonya Winter (fetish clothing sized up to 2x), and Twisted Monk (beautifully dyed hemp rope).
    • Savannah Horrocks

      A local community artist who did a gorgeous commissioned nude portrait for one of our members.

(Our Grand Poobah told me to recommended that I add the following:  This page was lovingly agonized over by Byrdie.)