About The WWC (we are on hiatus due to the pandemic)

The Women's Welcoming Committee is a Seattle-based group organized to assist people who identify as female, as well as genderqueer individuals who feel comfortable in female-centric space and who are at least 18 years of age who are looking for information about bondage, dominance/submission, SM, Spanking, and other subjects which fall loosely under the heading of BDSM.

We meet for brunch once a month for two hours. The first hour is facilitated discussion followed by an hour of relaxing and social conversation. The discussion hour may include introductions, announcements (events, kink opportunities, etc.), member interviews, group discussion, answering questions, and helping people discover and connect with resources; the social hour will be open discussion and random silliness.

We are all vulnerable when taking our first steps towards getting our desires met. Some may find it hard to ask for what they want, especially if they have been made to feel that it's wrong. Reassurance and comfort can be found in knowing that other people share your feelings and concerns, and in finding words for what you are experiencing. Among other things, the WWC may help you to know what to expect in your first contacts with potential play partners, and how to avoid common mistakes.

The WWC is not a recruiting organization. We try to make our meetings as safe a space for new people as we can. Attendees do not have to identify themselves, or participate in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable -- just sitting and listening is fine.

If you have friends who might benefit from this kind of forum, please feel free to forward this information on to them. Specific questions about the WWC may be emailed to: wwcseattle at gmail dot com.