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I highly recommend CeilaSue for your writing needs.   She has gone above and beyond what other Publicists have accomplished for us in the past.  Her expertise, attention to detail, list of contacts and follow through provided us the highest results yet.

It has been a long search and hard to find someone with good talent, who knows their industry and is reliable.  She has been worth every penny!

I look forward to a long term business relationship and maybe a chance to meet sometime.  I found CeilaSue on the internet and was intrigued because we both had the same last name.  She turned out the be The Publicist we were looking for!

Linda Hecht, founder

Hecht of an Organizer®



You're everything I said above and more.  Many thanks for your services!



You can view the issue Linda's organizer was featured in online at www.GwinnettParents.com   July/August 2008 issue...



Sue, I appreciate your speedy response and professionalism.

It's been great working with you. Thank you.

With warmest regards,
Michelle Anton


Celia … I love how you constantly re-invent yourself … you are a very special lady ….with your web-virtual-love for pets ...

Steve Allen
Hi Sue, Looks great. Awesome job!
Blair Rhodes
I hired Celia Sue Hecht to write a press release for my invention Bracelet-Mate. She not only did a great job writing the release but went above and beyond assisting me with distribution which led to the news release getting published in numerous online publications. Best of all, she pitched the release to Entrepreneur Magazine, and now they're doing an article about me and my company, Canale Originals. Priceless PR!

Thank you, Sue!"

Deborah Burnett
Canale Originals


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