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Upcoming Critique Sessions

Page Created:  01/12/12.  Last Updated:  08/27/15.
This Page has been created to enable WOTW members see who plans to attend upcoming sessions so that they can bring an appropriate number of manscript copies to the event.  We update the planned attendee list as we get closer to the event.
The monthly regular session will be held on Sunday, August 30, 2015  at the Nash Residence in Clifton at 3:00 PM.
The next session after that will be held a the De Parto / Webber Residence in Waldwick  on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM.
George Galuschak (twice).  Madhavi Ghare (twice).  Charles Garofalo.  Gregor Hartmann. Richard Knight.  Sidney Nesti. James Russell.  Alina Shosky.  were unable to have their stories workshoped.  They will get priority at the next critique session they attend.
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Active members of the Writers of the Weird are listed below.  They have been assigned to Attending or Not Attending categories based on past attendence.  People with a x. in front of their name have actually confirmed their plans for the next session.
I Plan to Be There                               I Will Not Be There                              I Won't Know Until the Last Minute
                                                          ?.Pauline Alama
                                                          x.Andres Castro
                                                          x.Clare Deming
x.Philip De Parto
                                                          ?.Colleen DellaPorta
                                                          x.Frederick Doot                       
                                                          x.Bonnie Freeman
                                                          ?.George Galuschak
x.Charles Garofalo
                                                          x.Mary Garber
                                                          ?.Madhavi Ghare
x.Gregor Hartmann
                                                          x.Richard Herr
x.Iulian Ionescu
                                                          x.Karen Kaplan
x.Richard Knight
x.A J Kohr
                                                          ?.Lina Lur'ye
                                                          ?.Maria Mascaro
                                                          ?.Marcelo Matus-Nicodemos
                                                          x.Lelian Miller
                                                          ?.Jerry Mitchell
                                                          x.Sid Motaghi
x.Patricia Nash
                                                          x.David Neilsen
x.Sidney Nesti
                                                          ?.Mike Olivson
                                                          x.Diana Davis Olsen
                                                          ?.Milind Padki
                                                          x.Chanik Park
                                                          x.Michael Parker
                                                          x.Theresa Prizzi
                                                          x.Hank Quense
                                                          x.Dan Reed
x.Monica Rodriguez
                                                          ?.James  Russell
                                                          x.Lucy Schmeidler
                  ?Jane Craig Sebok
                                                          ?.Victoria Schempp
                  ?.Alex Shvartsman
                                                          ?.David Sklar
                                                          ?.Meg Rosalyn Snyder
                                                          ?.Jeni Spiewak
                                                          x.Claire Sterling
                                                          x.James Sullivan
                  ?.David vun Kannon
                                                          x.Leigh Ann Wagor
                                                                                                                                        ?.Christopher Ward
                                                          ?.Barry Weinberger