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The World Stage is a community-based nonprofit that provides art and art education opportunities for over 100 community members each week.  At The World Stage, we have a long standing policy to request a $5.00 donation at our weekly workshops, but  no one is turned away because of an inability to pay.  We provide a wonderful service to the community largely funded by committed volunteers, community contributions, and small, but valuable, grants from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.  For more information on our programs click here


Each year our volunteer Workshop Coordinators, Executive Leadership, Web Developer, and others (excluding our Board of Directors) contribute over 3,000 hours of service to ensuring the continuing programming and operation of The World Stage.  This is a testament to the quality of our work and the recognition the local community places on the arts and arts education programs presented at The World Stage Performance Gallery.


The World Stage has recently been blessed to receive welcomed contributions from our supporters including: 

      • Rev. Michael B. Beckwith
      • Mamie-Louise Anderson
      • Michael Dolphin
      • Margo Thomas
      • Olivia Sequoia Mercier
      • Trevor Ware
      • Wiley Brown
      • Calvin Kennedy
      • Regina Jones
      • Hillard Street
      • Linda Bannister
      • Diane Sherman-Smith
      • Robert A. Rosenstone
      • Rev. Mark Whitlock
      • Peter J. Harris
      • S. Peal Sharp
      • Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
      • Conney Williams


In addition to the cash contributions of our supporters, The World Stage readily accepts in-kind contributions and other donations.  Recent contributions from our supporters include:

      • Richard Posell - A Kawai Baby Grand Piano (Thanks to Sue Townsley for facilitating this gift!)
      • Dr. Robbie Smith - A public address system and stage lights
      • Jeffrey Winston - Connected us with Mitch Glickman at LACMA who donated 30 free tickets to the Playboy Jazz Festival
      • Dr. Kelly Peterson - An in-depth Organizational Analysis
      • Nacy TiOva Padron - Website Design and Management
      • Brian Smith - Soliciting Honorary Citations and Funds Procurement
      • LaNeida Briggs, Linda Bannister, and LMU English Graduate Program - Website Management through an assistantship collaboration


To increase our community impact The World Stage is developing relationships with a number of foundations and grant-makers as well as actively discussing partnerships with arts organizations including:

      • 18th Street Art Center
      • The Harmony Project
      • Beyond Baroque
      • Leimert Park Book Festival

Despite these contributions, The World Stage needs your help to expand its impact.  There is much more to do to preserve and evolve the cultures of jazz and spoken word.  Particularly in the declining economic environment is an acute need for youth art programs in our community.  Given the diminishing options and strong correlation between art and educational outcomes, the work of The World Stage is more important than ever.  We ask you to support us right now by sending a check or a money order to:

The World Stage Performance Gallery
4344 Degnan Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90008

     For your convenience, you may also donate via Pay Pal.

Currently, The World Stage in-kind needs include:

      • Volunteer marketing intern
      • Volunteer electrician
      • Volunteer sound designer


If you would like to make an in-kind or volunteer contribution to The World Stage please contact us at The World Stage.  Please friend us on Facebook.

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