About the Author


John Carter was born in the small town of Macon, Georgia, on November 2, 1972.  He attended Mount de Sales Academy and graduated from Mercer University in 1994.  He attended Cumberland School of Law at Samford University where he graduated in the top 1/3 of his class in 1997.

John married in 1998.  He worked in his father's business until 2000 when he opened his own law practice that same year.  His daughter, Rachael, arrived in 2001.  Shortly thereafter, John began telling some of his stories to her at bedtime.  The stories grew until he had to start writing them down.

John currently has nine books available.  Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever Book One: It's About Time was published April 22, 2012.  Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever Book Two: The Myth of Mythology was published October 18, 2012.  Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever Book Three: All Roads was published February 6, 2014. My Boss is a Vampire: Stories from the Library Volume One was published October 7, 2014. Stories from the Library Volume Two: Out of the Shadows was published June 16, 2015. Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever Book Four: Fire and Ice was published October 20, 2015. The Arlington Place Mysteries Volume One: Ghosts Belong in Graveyards was published December 24, 2015. The Frogs of Tattnall Square Park was published January 11, 2016. Eli Arnold and they Keys to Forever Book Five: Into the Storm was published June 29, 2016.

Book Six in the Eli Arnold series, Volume Three in the Stories from the Library series, and Volume Two in the Arlington Place Mysteries series are currently underway.  

About the Author, by the Author:

By day, I'm an attorney.  By night, I'm whatever I want to be.  No rules to follow, no procedures.  Those are the things I hate about practicing law.  Those things really irritate me.  So, I started writing books for children and middle grade readers where none of the rules and regulations apply.  There are no limits on the imagination - no rules that have to be followed.  I love writing for that reason more than any other.

My first book, Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever, started off as a simple bedtime story for my little girl.  Then the voice in my head that kept telling me to write more became louder and louder, pushing me to get the story down on paper.  Now, Books One, Two, Three, Four, and Five are finished.  Volumes One and Two of my Stories from the Library series, have been released. Book Six in my Eli Arnold series and Volume Three in my Stories from the Library series are fighting to get out!  That voice is as loud as ever!  I hope folks like to read my books as much as I've liked writing them.

I write as often as I can (stupid work gets in the way a lot) and love bouncing ideas off my girl, my wife, and my friends.  Each of them has earned a special place in Heaven for having to listen to me prattle on about one story, idea, or another. A little about me: I'm a big kid at heart (some would say immature).  I love being outside.  For fun I explore old tunnels and do a little cross-country running.  I play Ultimate Frisbee as much as possible and am very active in  my community.  I'm married with one little girl who is growing up way too fast!  I live in the small town of Macon, Georgia, which makes appearances in a lot of my books.  I, like Eli Arnold, am a chili dog fanatic and can often be found at NuWay Weiners scarfing them down.

Please check out my books! I know you'll enjoy them!