Why is bullying bad?

Why do kids bully others?
    People bully others because they feel bad about themselves, so they make others feel bad to make themself feel better. However, this only lasts for the time it is going on. After that, they go back to feeling bad about themself. This is why bullying is usually continuous. Some people also bully others to fit in. Because the school bully is usually the popular kid, they want to be like them. Everyone wants to be popular and accepted, so they think of bullying as a way to get what they want. People also bully others to avoid being bullied themselves. Some kids think that bullying makes you look big and bad, and that will make others afraid of you, so they will not bully you.
What are some common effects of bullying on victims?
    Victims of bullying are more likely to become drug or alchohol addicts, skip school and get into fights. Another, very common, effect of being bullied is suicide. Victims of bullying are more likely to become suicidal and depressed. So many people commit suicide because of bullying that there is a name for it. This is bulycide. The sad part of this is that most people do not feel bad until it reaches the point of bullycide. One other effect that is not as common is they become violent towards others. This is very dangerous because sometimes they end up shooting up their school to get revenge on all of the people who bullied them. In the end, however, in some cases the victim will shoot up the school then shoot themself as well. If not, then they suffer in prison for murder. What is really sad about all of this is that the victims of bullying are usually the bright children/ teenagers who have the potential to be someone very important in our world, but just feel stuck and feel like they have no other option. Bullying affects it's victims also by changing the way they feel about themself, or life. A victim of constant bullying could go from having straight "A's" to failing; from outgoing to completely separated from the world. The victim could have been the happiest, most confident person in the world, but after continually being bullied, they could turn into the angriest, most depressed and inconfident person in the world. 
Who else does bullying affect?
    Bullying does not only affect the bully by giving them a reputation in school and the victim by all of the effects listed above, It also affects the people around them who love them. When someone is bullied to the point of depression or even suicide, it affects the victim's family and friends who love and care about them because now they have to deal with the grief that comes after the death of a loved one. This will also affect the family of the bully, believe it or not, because the family of the victim has the right to sue the bully, and it can affect the way they live.