Welcome to
The Wooly Lam
Antiques and Gifts! 
Route 29N,
Ruckersville, Virginia

Whether you're a casual antiquer or avid treasure hunter, you're in luck.  The Wooly Lam, in Ruckersville, Virginia, is sheer heaven! 

What is the Wooly Lam?

... an antiques and gift shop with an appeal and personality all its own.  It is the bright and sunny home of more than 40 knowledgeable vendors on two large floors.  On any given day, you will find an exciting mix of vintage goods such as tools, bottles, collectibles, toys and furniture, as well as jewelry, glassware, a variety of shabby chic furniture and much more.

... a mixture of the robust personalities of the merchandise and the love of collecting expressed by the vendors. The shop comes alive with an energy you can feel as you walk from booth to booth of treasures and keepables.

... co-owned by Erin Lam and Amy Wayland, both from Stanardsville. The duo of cousins made the leap to open the Wooly Lam after partnering together the last year, adding to their collection of furniture, antiques and special finds.  Both Erin and Amy are married with three kids each. Both grew up in the county and graduated from William Monroe High School.  Amy's family goes back six generations in the Stanardsville area and she is very proud to be a native of Greene County.