The Wojo Project 

Preserving the memory of a chess legend 


GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz

Photo by NM Steve Seward of Cleveland, Ohio 


Greetings! This is a website dedicated to preserving the chess games and memories of the late GM Aleks Wojtkiewicz. If you have games, pictures, stories, etc. that you would like to appear on the site, send an email to

The book Wojo's Weapons, Winning with White: Volume I is available for pre-ordering from Mongoose Press! Learn all about this 408-page work on Wojo's white openings at the publisher's site.

The book is a radical departure from standard Catalan-based repertoire books, as the authors specifically investigate key Wojtkiewicz lines, strategies, and ideas. Since February of this year, the two-man team has invested hundreds of hours in research and analysis. The Wojo-based analysis is fresh, and the authors delve into Wojo's pet lines to an extent far past any existing theory. You can check out the Table of Contents.