Welcome to Sarina’s enchanted cottage garden!

Here you can find ways to add a little magic to your own outdoor space


through garden plans and projects 

that will help you create your special sacred place.


An Earth Pledge by Patricia Telesco

"I pledge to greet each day as a new beginning,
To walk with gentle, respectful steps on this Earth,
To live in peaceful reciprocity with nature,
To see the best in my fellow creatures.
I pledge to give some time each week to reclaiming the land,
To renew plants and animals that humankind misused,
to learn the old ways, close to the soil.
To heal, to nurture, to grow in oneness with Gaia.
I pledge to live a magickal life each day, each moment
and try to meet needs spontaneously,
to serve with loving hands and heart, to work in perfect trust.

So Mote it Be."


I appreciate your feedback and ideas.
 If you have a great garden project or some wonderful pictures of your enchanted garden, send them to me at luna.silverlite@gmail.com
I will post them with or without your name, as you prefer.

Brightest Blessings!


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