Everything under the Sun

posted Jun 1, 2009, 8:45 AM by Matt Prindible
Saturday and Sunday, 30-31 May 2009

With just about 2 weeks under our belts, it was time to compile all the notes, data, knowledge, and experiences we’ve gained and capture the most relevant and critical pieces in order to check our progress and potentially reevaluate our plans and goals. It was a lengthy process, but painted a much clearer picture of what needed to be done over the next week to accomplish our goals. 

We started our summer validation project with the five detailed scenarios we created in our Engineering Design class with limited to no contextual information. Even with the potential for inaccuracies and shortcomings, these scenarios made it much easier understand the local setting and search for relevant information within the various conversations and interviews we’ve had. Because of this, we were able to extract many more scenarios for validation from our basic and on-the-ground research. Along with our five scenarios (market information sharing, logistics coordination, business harmony, positive use of leisure time, and advertiser attraction) we are currently pursuing others including: broker networks, microfinance, knowledge transfer and value add networks, long and short term employment, SACCOS, entrepreneurs, tourism, and tout social and economic networks. 

Also, we recently received word that our team and the WishVast project was awarded a grant from the Clinton Global Initiative. This award, along with the grant from the Carter Fund helps vindicate our efforts and keeps us motivated along the right track. Good times are certainly ahead.