Welcome to the home of the WishVast Venture, an ICT (information and communications technology) fueled social entrepreneurship project. Please view our video for a quick overview of the concept.

WishVast Overview

Global Penn State: WishVast @ 9 minutes

About WishVast
WishVast is a cell-phone based social networking and trust building system that leverages the pervasiveness of cell-phones to alleviate poverty. Over several years of on the ground research, our team has identified three key issues faced by the economically poor: a lack of availability of information in developing regions, a lack of trust or especially a lack of ease in building trust in these regions, and the fact that individuals are spending too much money and time on many common day-to-day tasks with returns that are not very good. 

Our solution addresses all of these problems by considering the following facts:
  • 97% of people in Tanzania have access to cellphones and already use them for business
  • 100% of people in a study in Tanzania say they will only do business with people they respect
  • 96% of people in a study in Tanzania say they will only do business with people they trust
  • Calling is expensive (15ksh cost per call, about $0.20) while SMS is cheaper (3.5 ksh, about $0.04) (only pay for sending, not receiving)
Stemming from the translation of the word "Trust" in Hindi, "WishVast" is a social network that facilitates the creation of trust and transmission of information between knowledgeable participants. WishVast may roughly be considered a combination of Google or Yahoo groups with the feedback rating system of eBay, made available on a cell-phone.

Ultimately, the goal of WishVast is to help expand current limited social and economic network by gaining new business, simply put, market inclusion. When people meet others who can add value to the status quo, well... business is more successful.

To see how WishVast may be implemented, please check out the Application Scenarios in the left