What We Do

To accomplish the mission of The Wisdom of Ruth Project, we hold training workshops for all members of the medical team.

These lively, interactive workshops are tailored to fit the particular medical professional. We present Grand Rounds for physicians in all medical facilities, as well as professional workshops for physicians' assistants, nurses, clergy, social workers and case managers.

We interact with medical team members in discussions regarding end-of-life discussions. Topics include the "Why," "When," "What To Say," and "How" to have the end-of-life discussion. Other topics include "Cultural Considerations," "Overcoming The Patient's and Family's Resistance And Denial," "Real-Life Scenarios," and "Ethical Concerns." 

Our topics and workshops can be designed for the specific needs of your organization or facility, either as a one-time class or a multi-session series. 

We facilitate local, state-wide and national convention seminars and break-out sessions.

We counsel patients, families and family caregivers. Our topics include, "How To Talk To and Understand Your Doctor," "Working Together As A Family," "When Siblings Disagree About Their Dying Parent," "What Does Your Loved One Really Need From the Family and Doctors?" and many other topics of concern in end-of-life scenarios.

Our seminars and workshops have been approved for CME credits for physicians, physicians' assistants, nurses, clergy and social workers, by Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland, and by Adventist HealthCare in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

We are available for consultations with both medical and family caregivers, as well as presentations and workshops at your facility.