What is "The Wisdom of Ruth" project?

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Ruth K. circa 1969
            The mission of "The Wisdom of Ruth" project is to raise awareness in medical caregivers,
             patients facing a terminal illness, and their families, regarding the positive value and need for end-of-
             life conversations.

            The project accomplishes this mission through a series of workshops and presentations 
            which enhance the medical team's ability to deal directly, effectively and compassionately with patients and 
            families facing end-of-life issues. We work with patients and families as well, to improve their                                                       interaction with medical team members so that appropriate, informed decisions can be made.

"Dying is a part of living."

That is what Sandy's mother, Ruth, taught us when, in her dying days, she helped her loved ones understand and appreciate that "dying is a part of living."

Throughout life, we celebrate, enjoy, and acknowledge various milestones, such as births, anniversaries, and accomplishments. However, we give little if any attention to the part of life that impacts everyone: the last weeks and days of one’s life.

Why is that?

For some of us, it is being in denial about the inevitable.  Others are not sure how or what to do about it, and for still others, death may not even cross our mind.  Yet, it is a very special, important part of living that needs at least as much attention as our other milestones.