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Welcome to my crafting world!

posted 29 Dec 2013, 09:56 by Jennifer Tippin
Well I've decided to set up a site to show my craftiness to the world, whether the world wants to see it or not is the question :)

Basically I've always done crafty stuff, I've made lots of cross stitch baby samplers for friends and family and small cross stitches for birthdays, mother's days, etc.
Since my daughter was born I've had a little time on my hands so have been increasing my skills using different materials.  One I've not really mastered yet is water colour, been working on that for some time... Not long after I got married I made an advent calender for us to use and several Christmas decorations for the house!  

I'm unable to wear/touch wool so I've had so make things like gloves for myself that don't contain wool!  This has included using a sock loom to make wrist warmers, great fun but I'm sure knitting shouldn't include lots of swear words...

My favourite things to make recently are plushie toys and designing new ones.  After being unable to find a supplier of Ghibli toys in the UK I made my own and so far loads of people have liked them!  I have made a rag doll for my daughter (though no hair yet) and some toy cats for my friends twins!  This Christmas I decided to make as many presents as I could for family and friends; for my mum I made a quilted pin cushion and needle book, for my sisters a jewellery roll and emergency travel kit, for my nephews crayon rolls, and for a niece I had a fabric carry house for her Sylvanian families.  All these can be seen in various galleries on my site.

I am also very much into Origami and learning new patterns!  I've a website for those too if you want to take a peek :)  (

I'll try and post as often as I can, though with a toddler about sometimes that's difficult :D

Happy crafting!