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Aerian Mobile

posted 23 Apr 2014, 13:47 by Jennifer Tippin   [ updated 23 Apr 2014, 13:48 ]
I've spent the last month creating a mobile for an internet company based in Box, Wiltshire, called Aerian.  The brief was to use their logo to create a mobile big enough to fill their stairwell!  This turns out to be a 2m cubed space!!!  So the mobile is 75cm (3 foot) by 180cm (6 foot).  Their logo is a bird that looks like an origami bird in white and green.  They wanted the models as large as they could go and it to be very simple, no extra beads or sequins.  So a very different brief to what I'm used to!

The finished mobile contains 35 aerian birds in a tight 1 and 3/4 turns spiral.  The model needed to be created as it's not truly origami but more Kirigami as it involves glueing pieces together.  They also wanted specific colours so I tried with lots of different types of paper to get the right colour. Eventually I ended up using a lime green velum encasing pale yellow paper! Which actually gives the model a bit of weight and a slightly translucent look which I love!

I also had to experiment with a couple of types of glue that would meld the velum to a slightly glossy paper, I finally settled on a glue from a local shop called the Krafty Monkey.  I also had to experiment with the size of model, at what point does the model start to collapse under it's own weight?  And then due to the use of fishing line to hang the models I needed to add a bit more weight to each model to stop it wildly spinning!  This was achieved using a penny in the centre of the models.

Today I finally got to install it with the help of my friends husband who is not only a fireman but is a window cleaner too so he had all the right equipment and insurances to put up a mobile in a very high place!  I have to say it went well, there was only a bit of damage during transit (a couple of the birds came loose) and it was really tangled, but unlike my black and white mobile it was really easy to un-tangle :)

If you'd like to see the results you can find images on my Origami Mobiles UK page: