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The following text was given to me by Bill Trimingham. Bill from Seattle is descendant of James Trimingham, who in about 1852 emigrated to California. Bill's late brother spent many years researching the Trimingham name, Bill helped him put it all on computer. He died several years ago, but Bill continued his work, having caught the bug. They have done so much work on the Trimingham family, to which I am very grateful.
Some of the photo's on this page were kindly given to me by Bill, and by Barbara Marler from Texas, USA. Her Great Great Grandmother was Eliza Trimingham, daughter of George and Mary. The photo's  of Fishlake are all circa 1926 taken by a George Robert Osborn while on a trip to Fishlake.

Fishlake church

     The centre of Fishlake

The Trimingham family go way back around this area, especially Fishlake and Fosterhouses which are a couple of miles from Hatfield. They have been traced back to 1648 in Fosterhouses, William Trimingham was born January 1698 in Fosterhouses, and died about 1784 in Fosterhouses. He married Susannah Poskitt on May 1st 1739 in Fishlake. She was born March 17th 1711 in Rowall Yorkshire, daughter of Mark Poskitt, she died January 22nd 1788 in Birkin, near Selby.

There children were Elizabeth Trimingham born November 1739 at Fosterhouses. She married William Knowlson January 19th 1764 at Thorne.

Susanna Trimingham born 6th November 1739 at Fosterhouse. She married John Southern, January 11th 1763 at Fishlake.

Ann Trimingham born 1741 at Fosterhouses. She married Robert Todd September 14th 1767 Fishlake.

William trimingham born January 1746 at Fosterhouses.

Phoebe Trimingham born January 1747 at Fosterhouses.

William Trimingham born January 1749 at Fosterhouses.

Mary Trimingham born June 1752 at Fosterhouses.

Mark Trimingham born March 1754 at Fosterhouses.

My Line Thomas Trimingham born 1743 Fosterhouses. He was married twice. First to Ann Gray on January 3rd 1771 in Fishlake. He then married Elizabeth Bramham December 6th 1785 in Fishlake. She was born in 1765 and died 1846 in Goole, Yorkshire.Thomas died in 1818. In 1770 a court document recorded Thomas as a husbandman (farmer) of Fosterhouses in the parish of Fishlake. He was also listed as a Alderman, church warden and overseer of the poor.

The children of Thomas and Ann Gray are: Thomas Trimingham born June 1773 at Fishlake and died 1844 at Fishlake. He married Mary Clayton about 1797 daughter of Samuel Clayton a Wheelwright . Thomas was also down as a Wheelwright in 1803, he was then listed as carpenter in 1822 and as a carpenter and publican on some of his childrens birth records.

William Trimingham born March 1776 at Fishlake and died 1846 at Sprotborough nr Doncaster.

Mark Trimingham born January 1778 at Fishlake.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Bramham are

Susanna Trimingham born November 3rd 1786 at Fosterhouses, she married Joseph Chesman September 18th 1809 at Kirk Bramwith.

Elizabeth Trimingham born August 11th 1788 at Fosterhouses, she married Samuel Clayton February 2nd 1813 at Fishlake.

John Trimingham born June 29th 1790 at Fosterhouses.

George Trimingham born May 10th 1792 at Fosterhouses.

Matthew Trimingham born May 24th 1794 at Fosterhouses, he died 1796 at Fishlake.

James Trimingham born September 11th 1795 at Fosterhouses, he died 1876 at Stainforth. James had a son called James born 15th June 1829 at Fenwick near Fishlake, he died 28th November 1899. The photo below is of James with his wife Augusta Rathke.

Mary Trimingham born October 17th 1797 at Fosterhouses.

Christopher Trimingham born January 5th 1800 at Fosterhouses.

Ann Trimingham born April 28th 1802 at Fosterhouses, she died 1803 at Fishlake.

Henry Trimingham born June 29th 1804 at Fosterhouses.

My line children of Thomas Trimingham and Mary Clayton

Samuel Trimingham born July 1798 at Fishlake and died 1882 and married Ann Hunt April 6th 1829 at Fishlake. He was a carpenter and wheelwright in Fishlake like his father and Grandfather. His uncle Christopher, half brother of Samuel's father was a witness. Samuel and Ann had three children, Emma b. in 1829 died in infancy. John was born in 1830, but we know nothing further of him. Mary Anne was born in 1833. She married George England, a blacksmith and son of farmer John England, in 1852.  They had a son, Robert Ernest England.  It is not known when George England died, but Mary Anne, listed as a widow, later married Robert Guest.

Ann Trimingham born August 29th 1800 at Fishlake and died of smallpox at the age of three.

Mary Trimingham born September 17th 1802 at Fishlake she married Benjamin Clough on March 21st 1831 at Kirk Bramwith. Mary and Benjamin were  my GrGrGrGrandparents, see Benjamin on the Clough Family page.

John [11] is believed to have been a farmer and a joiner.  He worked at Church farm and had a joiner shop, but later left and farmed at Wormley Hill.   He married Jane Pease in 1831 at Campsall and they had five children.  The first, William [12], was born in 1832 and married Mary Downing, probably about 1862.  They had two children, Clive b. 1863 (shown as "Dove" in 1881 census) and Frank b.1873 (shown as Mark in the 1881 census).  Clive [13] married E. Butterfield and they had three children, Evelyn, Marion, and Kathleen.  Nothing else is known about this family.  Their second son was Frank [13], born in 1873.  Frank married Sarah Downing in 1902.  They had one child, a daughter named Mary who was born in 1904.  Mary married F. Whaley and had two daughters.  Frank's first wife, Sarah, died in 1926 and in 1939 he married Rosa Charlotte Saxton Sharp.  “My husband, Frank, was a farmer at Sykehouse until his retirement,” writes Rosa in 1949.  He was also a Rural District Councilor, Magistrate, etc., for 25 years, representing Sykehouse where his farm was.  “He is now 75 years old and is supposed to be retired, but we have two Jersey cows and a calf.  I am 70 and his second wife, but I think I may say that I know more about the clan than any other member.”  Indeed, for not having been born of the Trimingham name, she did a remarkable job of collecting family history.  She did a comprehensive search of the Fishlake Parish records and corresponded with a number of other Triminghams to gather information.  As late as 1949 when the author's brother, Robert, visited Fishlake, Rosa was riding her bicycle at age 70, there was no city water system and they had recently been "fighting electrification."  As an aside, Rosa provided a 1949 newspaper article on the celebration of 100 years of tenancy of the Old George Inn at Sykehouse by the Bulmer family.  The articles starts, "The ghosts of diners at the Old George Inn, Sykehouse, who ate their way through barons of beef, saddles of mutton, game, and succulent pork, and quenched their thirst with foaming ale from gallon jugs, must have gazed sympathetically (on the present day revelers)."  Frank Trimingham died in 1949 and Rosa about 1966.

John's [11] second child, John Pease [12], was born in 1833 and died as an infant.  The third child was Mary Anne [12] and all we know of her is her birth year, 1833 (this Mary Ann not to be confused with her first cousin of the same name and born in the same year, daughter of Samuel, above).  Son John [12] was born at Fishlake in 1834 and we know nothing more of him.  George [12] was born in 1835 and married Mary Ward.  The last child, Jane Elizabeth [12], was born in 1846.  She married Edward Watson Taylor and they had a daughter, Annie Elizabeth, born in 1877.  Jane Elizabeth died the year after her daughter was born.  John [11] died in 1892 at Campsall and his wife the same year at Wormley Hill.

Thomas [11], born in Fishlake in 1806.  He farmed at Gothic House and was a carrier.  He married Eliza Bisat at Doncaster in 1835.  They had two children, Harriet b. 1834 and Charles [12] b. 1842.  The 1841 census records Thomas as a farmer.  He was also a carrier.  Notes from Rosa Charlotte Trimingham state that, "Thomas farmed at Gothic House, but didn't prosper very well.  He had three wives." His daughter Harriet married Henry Shaw in 1866 and we know nothing further of her life.  Charles [12] married Jane Boothroyd in 1873 and they had eleven children.  We will continue his story in chapter 28.  Thomas's [11] wife died young in 1844 and he died at Fishlake in 1896.

frank trimingham1.jpg (24639 bytes)

Frank Trimingham a farmer at Sykehouse,

pictured with his second wife Rosa Charlotte

Thomas Trimingham my Mary's brother

thomas trimingham.jpg (23043 bytes)

augusta1.jpg (33357 bytes)

Augusta Johanna Frederika Rathke

augustas children1.jpg (45141 bytes)

James and Augusata with there children

Front row: Martha Ann, James, Augusta, George

Rear: Henry, Effie May, Frank, Charles, John, Charlotte Florine

james trimingham.bmp (134850 bytes)

This picture is of James Trimingham in 1861 on his wedding day. He emmigrated from Fishlake to the US about 1851-2.  He left St. Louis, MO with the Blacow Wagon Train, bound for California, in 1852. In California he married Johanna Augusta Frederika Rathke, a German immigrant from Ruger, she travelled on the same wagon train as a young girl with her sister and future husband, her mother died on arrival to America. James and Augusta had eight children and many descendants live in California today. Photo 1861

george1.jpg (27898 bytes)

James and Augusta's son George with his wife Marie Scharrer, November 11th 1891

The next two children of Thomas [10] and Mary Clayton were Elizabeth, who married George Thorpe in 1828 and with whom she had six children between 1829 and 1837 (all born at Fishlake) and Charlotte, who married George Cook at Fishlake in August of 1836.  Charlotte's brother William witnessed the marriage document.

William [11] was a tailor in Fishlake.  He married Sarah Downing in March of 1836 at Fishlake.  His sister-in-law, Sarah, witnessed the marriage document.  William and Sarah had two children, James [12] in 1840 and William [12] in 1841.  Sarah apparently died in childbirth (at age 22) as her death was recorded in the same year that young William was born.  William [11] then took Hannah Charlesworth, daughter of Nathaneal Charlesworth, as his second wife in 1843 and they had three daughters, Mary b. 1844, Sarah b. about 1846 and Emma b. 1848.  William [11] died at Fishlake in 1884.

William and Sarah's first child, James [12], left Fishlake and went to Hull (Yorkshire) where he worked as a porter. There he married Mary Parker, daughter of Benjamin Parker, in 1870.  Our trail had ended there until 1999 when we discovered reference on the Internet to a Herbert Trimingham who had died in France in World War I.  Obtaining his military records, we learned that he was the son of James [12] and Mary Parker, born about 1876.  Herbert [13] was a laborer and resided at Hull where he married Florie Edith Crisp on July 4, 1903.  He enlisted in the East Yorkshire Regiment in 1915, embarked for France on January 1, 1916, and was killed in action there on March 22, 1918.  The record states that he was "commenerated" (commemorated) at Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France.  The war records gave us the additional information that Herbert had one brother, William b. about 1870, and three surviving sisters, Jennie b. about 1871, Annie b. about 1880 and Blanche b. about 1884.  According to the military records, Herbert did not have children.  From the 1881 census we learned of two other sisters, Sarah J. b. about 1873 and Clara b. about 1875.  The census shows the family living at 109 Campbell Street in Kingston upon Hull.  We believe these two sisters preceded Herbert in death, as his widow had to attest to Herbert's living blood relatives in 1918 and listed only the brother and three sisters mentioned earlier.  His brother William was listed as a caretaker living on Hotham Street in Hull in 1892. Except for that, we do not know what became of William [13] or his sisters.  As an aside, Herbert's military record disclosed that he was 5 feet 5 inches tall – rather short for a Trimingham, at least in the author's experience.

We have no knowledge of what became of James' brother William [12].

Of the three children by William [11] and second wife Hannah Charlesworth, Mary [12] married George Duckett and Emma [12] married Thomas Ward in 1873.  Sarah did not marry, but she had a son, William [13] in 1874.  There were Triminghams in Fishlake, Yorkshire in 1500 and there are still Triminghams there in the year 2000.  We learn how as we continue the story of Sarah.

Other than for her birth record, the oldest information we have found concerning Sarah is in the Indiana census of 1860.  George [11] Trimingham, Sarah's uncle, had married Mary Charlesworth Ogden in 1852 and emigrated to the United States, settling in Indiana.  The census of 1860 shows George, wife Mary, and U.S. born daughter Eliza living in LaPorte, Noble Township, Indiana.  Sarah, George's niece, had gone to the U.S. to visit her uncle and that same 1860 census lists Bernard Trimingham (aged 28 and born in Germany) and Sarah Trimingham (aged 13 and born in England) also living in LaPorte, Indiana, but in Scipio Township.  We have yet to find any other trace of Bernard Trimingham and, save for some vague Mormon records of a few Trimingham marriages, there are no known records of Triminghams in Germany.

We don't know how long Sarah stayed in Indiana, but she did return to Fishlake.  Sarah did not marry, but she had a son, William [13] in 1874.  Sarah died in 1939.  The 1881 census shows her and her son living with her parents on Main Street in Fishlake.   She lived out her life there, for most of the years as Postmistress of the tiny village (Andrew Trimingham of Bermuda affectionately refers to her as "Postie"). William [13] was a postman in his early years, perhaps working for his mother?  He married Maude Elizabeth Cooper about 1900 and they had two children, Mabel [14] about 1901 and Percy William [14] about 1902.  Mabel married Charles Corbett and they had one son, Dennis.

Percy William [14] Trimingham married Doris Schofield in 1942 and they had a son, Peter William [15], born in 1946.  Peter is a teacher and is Head Teacher of the Campsmount School in Doncaster.  He married Migs White in 1979 and they had two sons, Mark W. [16] b. in 1981 and Paul D. [16] b. in 1983.  In 2002 Paul was a student at University of Huddersfield.  Peter was later divorced and married Fiona Wraith.  In a 1999 Internet posting, we learn that Fishlake Cricket Club had won the Hepworth Memorial Trophy for the first time, defeating Ackworth.  Mark Trimingham was a team member and his father, Peter, Club Captain.

Peter William [15] Trimingham is believed to be the last Trimingham actually living in Fishlake at this writing – 500 years after the first documented Trimingham resided there.  While we may never know, it is possible, and likely, that there have been Triminghams there for as long as 6-700 years.

Returning to the last child of Thomas [10] and Mary Clayton, George [11], was born in 1815 at Fishlake.  He married Sarah Davidson November 25, 1836 and she died six years later in 1842.  We do not have any record of children, but George was listed as a widower when he married his second wife, Mary Charlesworth Ogden (she, too, a widow), at Fishlake in January of 1852.  She was the sister of Hannah Charlesworth, wife of George's brother William (see above).  Soon after their marriage, George and Mary emigrated to Indiana in the United States. 

Sarah Trimingham

Sarah Trimingham "Postie"


post office fishlake2.jpg (19557 bytes)

Post Office Fishlake

george trimingham2.jpg (36703 bytes)

George Trimingham

eliza and mary2.jpg (33129 bytes)

Mary Charlesworth Trimingham and daughter Eliza taken mid to late 1860's

boats fishlake.jpg (18434 bytes)

River Don Fishlake

outside fishlake church2.jpg (23577 bytes)

Fishlake Church


cattle fishlake.jpg (30865 bytes)

Highland cattle on river bank at Fishlake


jonathon william osborn2.jpg (42315 bytes)

Eliza's husband Jonathan William Osborn

eliza trimingham osborn2.jpg (50479 bytes)

Eliza Trimingham Osborn, George and Mary's daughter

eliza1.jpg (33883 bytes)

Eliza Trimingham with her husband Jonathan and there children. This photo is from Bill Trimingham

fishlake windmill.jpg (19495 bytes)

Fishlake Windmill


fishlake flood.jpg (22435 bytes)

Floods in Fishlake, note Hare and Hounds Public House


store1.jpg (29024 bytes)

This shop in Thorne, Yorkshire belonged to George Thomas Trimingham, he also owned a second shop in Thorne.

store brochure1.jpg (48554 bytes)

   fish church1.jpg (55503 bytes)

 Fishlake Church


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