Will Tell History

In 1877 Dr. G.W. Dutton purchased the present site of the William Tell House and built a hotel and drug store. A photograph taken in 1880 shows that the drug store sign had already been replaced with a sign designating it as the William Tell House. 

Arnold W. Dado (one of the founders of Clover Stornetta) leased the building from 1896-1900. In 1903 Antonio and Maria Matteri purchased the William Tell House operating a hotel, dining room, and saloon. The building, along with several others, burned to the ground in 1920.

  Antonio and Maria Matteri rebuilt the present day building in the same year. After Antonio passed away in 1931 Maria continued to run the business herself. Their daughter, Edith Bonini, and later her son, Bill Bonini Sr. owned and operated the William Tell for 86 years. Bill sold it to Kees Winkleman in 1989. Kees sold it later to Lee Mazza in 1996. She operated it herself and through many different managers until she sold it to Marcos Pareas in June 2011. Marcos has made extensive renovations and restorations to the old building striving to retain its authenticity and character. He is involved with every aspect of its operation and has made it his personal goal to make the William Tell House a place where friends, families, and locals,  can meet to enjoy good food and good times together, for many more years to come.