The Widdington Walkers in Malham, North Yorkshire

The Lister Arms 

Janet's Foss waterfall

Some of the Boys standing in front of 
Janet's Foss waterfall in the vicinity of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire, England

Gordale scar

 A small waterfall flows down through the Gordale scar and it's often possible to climb up to the footpath above.
With the exceptional rainfall over last week, will we climb..
Our intrepid mountaineering guide Mark the Sherpa takes a look

Gordale scar

Decision time 

All the Boys wait for our safety officer Mr B to give his decision, 10- second later the boys hear the very Sad news.

You can see the great disappointment on the boys faces that we have to 
turn back and not climb the falls.


Malham Tarn 

Mike and me push on alone and go the extra mile to the  Tarn.. 

a right pair of Water Babies...

Simon and Nigel went off Mountain Biking 

on the Friday and Sunday

please click on the picture below to see how they got on 


Saturdays walk

Up to Gaping Gill then on up to Ingleborough, Well that was the idea.

We were in cloud now so we put our heads down for the stiff wet ascent

We couldn't see far what with the low cloud so when Mark the Sherpa sat down 
we all followed suit. The wind and rain was battering us as we eat our lunch.

After lunch we all started back down.
It was only in the bar later as we sat chatting over a beer that we realised we hadn't reached the top 
we had lunched at little Ingleborough not the summit. 

All we could do was laughs and order more beer it will still be there for next time.... 

Gentlemen, if you would like to contribute to this gallery please forward me your photos

Thanks Gary
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