The Wicker Park High Tea and Dodgeball Association!

Since 1873!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Since 1873!
8-24-09-Dreadful news!  A breaking story!  The statue of our founder is missing from Wicker Park!  That's correct- just dreadful- Charles Wicker has gone missing!

Worry not- the Wicker Park High Tea and Dodgeball Association is on the case.  Scott Priz, Private Eye out of Hyde Park, Chicago has pledged to find and return the statue in what he calls the Adventure of the Floundering Founder, or Charles Wicker's Last Swim!

8-27-09 This just in!  This just in!  Scott Priz has reported that the statue was spotted this early Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. near the Hancock building, in Streeterville!  Locale residents should be on alert in the area for a large brass statue of a man in a stove pipe hat carrying a broom!  Our confidential informant, Jimmy the Whino, reports that a gentleman with a busy mustache and intolellerant disposition towards the laws of Chicago was seen with the statue in a shopping cart.  More on this story as it develops!

Welcome to the new home page of the Wicker Park High Tea and Dodgeball Association!

Here, you can find notices of upcoming activities, a brief history of the Association, compiled by our resident historian Leonard Doohan
, along with contact information for the officers of the Association.

First and Foremost, a brief listing of the ideals and ideas behind the Organization, founded by Charles Wicker (The man Wicker Park is named after!) in 1873:

From the founding charter of 1873:

"We found this organization in the hopes of cultivating the Higher and Noble Spirits of man through gathering of right minded spirits, and the drinking of the most righteous of drinks, tea."

We continue the proud tradition of nobility first practiced by Charles and Joel Wicker.  As you might expect from our name, we host High tea parties on a monthly basis, and continue Bathhouse John's weekly Dodgeball game that was started in 1904, and even held a game at the First Ward Ball in 1906!

We continue the goals of the original game: getting right minded Chicagoans together for late night fun.  Your bring your courage, we'll bring the balls, and we'll play until the cops throw us out.  (Or we collapse from tiredness.)  We welcome one and all, if your spirits are good.  I've played with a gentleman named business man, dragged a belligerant drunk to the Blue Line by grabbing a limb (with the help of three other dodgeballers), fought a thief on Division St. with the help of Jimmy the Whino, had bottles thrown at my head, had a switchblade pulled on me by a drunken member of the Latin Kings, saw a friend tackle a man who pulled out a fake gun, and have had fantastic Thursday nights for nearly five years now. 

You should join in the fun.  It runs from 10:45 to as long as we can go every Thursday night at our secret dodgeball location.

The game, unfortunately, has been forced underground thanks the political pressure put on us by Mare' Daley.  However, if you'd like to find out where our secret location is, e-mail

Here is where you can find the current listing of officers:  Officers!

And for a rather detailed, and still being compiled history of the Association, go here:  The Wicker Park High Tea and Dodgeball Association History

And look, a page detailing our activities can be found here.  And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment below.  It'll let me know that someone has been here.