The Wheel Inn



Coronavirus update 30 June 2020

Simon & Alison regret that we will not be reopening The Wheel Inn on 4th July.  The Coronavirus guidelines leave us only able to accommodate a maximum of 16 people inside, based on 2m social distancing.  We could move to 1m+ distancing with plastic screens in between each table, however this would leave the inside looking like a battery hen house - not a proper pub experience. Although we could make more tables available outside, there's no guaranteeing the British weather - as I type it's 16 degrees outside and raining heavily.  In addition, our decision has been coloured by the fact that we were already set to retire in September. Any investment in screens etc made now would be unlikely to be repaid over what would be 8 weeks' trading.

A big thank you to all those who have supported us over the years, not least of all the staff - we couldn't have done it without them.  In particular we lost our dear Shirley after 42 years' service in May, and it is just not be the same without her.

It only remains to say thank you and goodbye, and please all stay safe.

Simon & Alison