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What people are saying

It's so wonderful to have a place to come on Friday night. Being saved is really fun here. Jesus is here & I'm not in the world like I used to be!
This is a nice place for adults looking for a place to go without alcohol or smoke. Relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for the nice change of pace! D. 
It's very nice to enjoy a great place to worship and praise God. 
Loved the atmosphere & the music. Spoke to my soul. Will come again. M.
Excellent job! The music was wonderful. Absolutely loved everything! Keep up the great work! E. & C.
Daughters of The King were wonderful!!! Also enjoy saxophone singer/player. D. 
I think this is a wonderful ministry for Christians who want to go out on a Friday night. May God continue to bless!! B.
Thank you! God Bless. S.
This is awesome!! I pray that God uses this cafe even more and more. B.
Really enjoyed All in His Name's heartfelt, warm melodies and beautiful songs. T.
Loved your music. Some of it almost made me cry! D.
Great! Will be back with friends! S.
I enjoyed my time here. Thank you for letting me read (Christian poetry). T.
Enjoyed the singing, poetry and fellowship. A.
Had a great time - very welcoming atmosphere for people & the Spirit of God. R.
Great place, thank you. R.
Great event and great place. K.
I enjoyed it so much. Thank you. G.
Was nice to visit with friends. S.
This is a great idea. I pray that it will continue and grow to overflowing. God bless this endeavor. D.
Very enjoyable. P.
GREAT, Thank you!  S.
The atmosphere was refreshing in the freedom to praise. It made me happy. F.
The band was great! Love the live entertainment! J.
Very nice atmosphere - but I was quite chilly. C.