"The object of this site"
is to promote model boat building
in Scotland,
especially "The Wee Nip"

The Wee Nip is a Uni-rigged yacht designed by the world famous model yacht designer, Graham Bantock, to the Strathclyde 70 class, it was adopted by the Scottish Federation of Model Boat Clubs,
Glasgow Richmond MBC & lately other clubs, as a single class.

The aim is to encourage the "building" as well as sailing of this entry class yacht.

t Richmond, a set of templates were made & a production line of about 12
kit of parts was "bumped out" by some of the members.

To date, there has been as many as 17 Nips sailing at the same time.

The drawings  can be ordered (or downloaded) from Traplet http://www.traplethouse.com/mmi/weenip.html
a video/DVD is also available from the same source.