Singani is an alcoholic beverage produced in Bolivia, is from the familiy of brandy, made of grape. It's made from the distillation of wine of Muscat grape of Alexandria but also using other grapes varieties The production of Singani differs from the production of wine in that grapes goes through a distallation process, resulting in a clear destilled brandy insted of fermentation.
Since Spanish colonial times, the best land for growing grapes and Sinagani fabrication has been located in the valley of Cinti in Chuquisaca and the Tarija Valley. From there, the Singani has conquered the taste of Bolivians and the world alike.
Singani is the national hard liquor of Bolivia; is the main ingredient of many traditional Bolivian cocktails like: Chuflay (a mix of 1/4 of Singani, 3/4 of Sprite or 7Up, ice cubes and a slice of lemmon), the Poncho Negro (Black Poncho, is a mix of 1/4 of Singani, 3/4 of Coke or Pepsi, Ice cubes and a slice of lemmon) and the Yungueñito (Yunguenhito, 1/4 of Singani, 3/4 of orange juice and ice cubes).


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The best Singani brands

Read in opur Web site, about the best brands of Bolivian Singani like:

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