Gin Zinger

Gin Zinger

Makes one drink.  Simple Syrup recipe makes enough to share with six or more friends.

I had this drink at a restaurant with some of the new friends I'm making here in Athens.  The night was great and the cocktail memorable.  The ingredients and method are simple so it's an easy drink to whip up for a bunch of friends for a girls' night.  The only time consuming portion is making and cooling the simple syrup.  But once it's made it keeps well in the refrigerator.  Per the restaurant's description it's a cardamom flavored syrup which just takes a few whole cardamom pods and a few minutes of steeping.  If you can't find the pods or don't care for cardamom, the syrup will be just as good without them.  But I suggest trying, it's not a strong flavor mixed with the others but the cardamom stands out just a bit in the finish.  One final note, I highly recommend Hendricks gin for this drink.  The cucumber and spices are a perfect match for the lemon and ginger in the drink.


Fresh ginger, peeled and sliced into quarter sized pieces

1 ounce fresh lemon juice

2 ounces gin

1 ounce cardamom simple syrup (see recipe below)


optional garnishes include cucumber slices and a splash of tonic/sparkling water

Place a slice of ginger in the bottom of a rocks glass.  Crush it gently with a muddler or the end or a wooden spoon to release some of the juices.  Top the ginger with the remaining ingredients and give the drink a gentle stir.  Garnish and serve.

For the cardamom simple syrup-

5 cardamom pods

1 cup water

1 cup granulated sugar

Gently crush the cardamom pods with a mortar and pestle or with the back of a spoon.  Place the cardamom pods, sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium heat.  Stirring occasionally, bring the mixture to a simmer and cook until the sugar has dissolved.  Remove from heat and let the syrup cool completely  Remove the cardamon pods before using.