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News For Wellington Northern Corridor

5th of August 2011

A quick update;

1)      Four of us recently met with Steven Joyce to ensure he understood exactly what we found wrong with the current motorway proposal, and what exactly it was we were proposing. We came away from that meeting knowing we had not convinced him, but believing that he had heard and understood us, which was a start.

for more , please send an e-mail request to Nick Fisher @ Alliance for a Sustainable Kapiti <ask1@kol.co.nz>

13th of July 2011
Kia ora katou !

Some links to the interviews on the Rail against RoNZ march on Parliament yesterday ( 6th of July 2011 ) by Save Kapiti and other groups in the Kapiti Coast and Wellington areas.

http://tvnz.co.nz/back-benches/video - starts at Chapter 2.
best story here:

Well done to all of you, our Rally went off amazingly well and we got loads of media coverage...
needless to say Govt is still fobbing us off, yet to be dealt with, but deal with it,
 WE WILL.   Here are the links to our March on Paliament:-


keep up the good work!
Bianca Begovich 


and in Whangarei , Save Our Rail Northland

> http://www.northernadvocate.co.nz/local/news/group-puts-bodies-on-line-in-bid-to-save-rail-rout/3958523/
> Group puts bodies on line in bid to save rail route
> Mike Dinsdale | 7th July 2011