the Kunlun Aprentices

I am a direct Apprentice of Max Christiansen and have permission to facilitate the practices of Kunlun Nei Gung and the Red Phoenix  from the lineage of Wudang Cha Shing Mountain Taoists.  I also have been working with Sacred Sound for 20 years

I was originally gifted a spontaneous form of movement meditation that came to me after attending a traditional indigenous "ghost dance" in 1992.  I had already been working with my own form of sacred sound for a year or so before this, one that was completely complementary to this movement meditation.  I plunged into my own in depth internal study of these mysteries,  and my own moon cycle following a spontaneous Kundalini awakening,  spending many years developing a relationship to this work in private.  Then I encountered  Tibetan Buddhist Master Yuan Miao who told me that I was "cut from the same cloth" as herself when we discussed this spontaneous movement mediation and my sacred sound work, and indicated that my spontaneous movement mediation was a high Tibetan Buddhist practice that was secret. 
Photo above -  with Ching Fung Dao Shr, or Sifu Max for short).

When I met
Max eleven years later, I realized that Kunlun was one of the forms of what I had been developing on my own for years. 

I have also studied Total Body Modification and apprenticed with a world renowned energy master for over 8 years, serving as his medical intuitive.  I have also studied with Sifu Jenny Lamb, Tibetan Master Geshe Gyeltsen, 3 indigenous medicine lineages, am a level 3 Matrix Energetics Graduate, and a practitioner of the B. Prior's "Form" practice.

Some of Mari's Other Teachers   (see photo page)   link
        Sifu Jenny Lamb, Internal Martial Arts, and Qi Gong Master
Ven. Geshula Tsultim Gyeltsen, Tibetan Gelugpa Master          link     link
        Danza Azteca Cuauhtemoc,  Pastel Mirales, Dance Chief and healer
        Yaun Miao, Tibetan Buddhist Master.
        Ramanand Patel, Senior Teacher for B.K.S. Iyengar                 link
        T. Shen Ballesteros, Taoist Priest, martial arts master;  Hawaii
        Warren Barigian, Vocal Bio Matrix founder
        Kan San, from our Kunlun lineage
Apache Pipe Carier and Roadsman, Mark Montijo
        Richard Bartlett, Founder of Matrix Energetics  link
Victor Frank, Total Body Modification              link
        Dr. Daniel Reeves, D.C,, N.D., PHD.                                                                            

I am a caretaker of a medicine ways lineage.  My grandmother,   was a medicine woman and Curandera from Guadalajara.  I also studied with a medicine person of Mongolian Heritage for 20 years who helped him to further awaken his lineage. 

I  have a background in healing percussion, drum and flute making, and sweat lodge, am a graduate of level 3 Matrix Energetics, and am a direct Apprentice of Max Christiansen and Certified to facilitate the practices Kunlun Nei Gung and Red Phoenix modalities for self-awakening from Taoist master Ching Fung Dao Shr.

Some of my Other Teachers    link
          Tae Quan Do and Yu Do 9th Deg. Grand Master,  Chan Yong Kim                                     
          Sifu Jenny Lamb, Martial Arts and Qi Gong Master                  
          Willy Whitefeather, Medicine Man, Hon. Chief of the Cherokee
Black Creek Nations,  Survivallist
          Sun Dancer and Sweat Lodge Leader, the late Corey Evanson Jr.,           
                Southern Ute Nation.                                                                                          

Grandmother's Neomi and Ula from the Southern Ute Nation                                                          
Kan San from our Kunlun Nei Gung lineage
          Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D;  Matrix Energetics

My Medicine Lineage   ( link)