~ Vision ~ 
For the Verde River and its tributaries to comprise a diverse, self-sustaining, and resilient riparian ecosystem in which invasive plant species are controlled through cooperative stakeholder participation. 


Our Effort

~The Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition has just reached end of its first treatment season!~ 

VWRC in a collaborative effort uniting landowners, organizations and agencies in their common interest in the health of the Verde River Watershed. Together, the VWRC team is working to control one of the biggest current threats to the Verde River - invasive plants. 

Which invasive plant species are we trying to remove?

      There are four particularly aggressive and unwanted species that VWRC is focusing on:  
  • Giant Reed (Arundo donax
  • Tamarisk/Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.)
  • Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia)
  • Tree of Heaven/Paradise Tree (Ailanthus altissima). 
      For photos and more information on these high-priority invasive species, check out our Invasive Plants Resources page.)
     The most effective time for treatment is in the fall and early spring during the cold season when the invasive plants are dormant.

Who we are

    VWRC uses a combination of staff, partners, volunteers, and work crews to get all the work done
    from planning and outreach to mapping and treatments in the field.

Demonstration Sites  

     The treatment and monitoring process was initiated at three demonstration sites: 
  •     Rockin' River Ranch (Arizona State Parks)
  •     Alcantara Vineyards
  •     Truswell Property (Prescott National Forest)
      Success on these properties led to the hiring of more work crews and expanded treatments in other areas of the watershed this year!

How *YOU* Can Get Involved!

There are many ways to contribute to implementing VWRC's vision! Visit our You Can Help! page for ideas. 

There you will find:
  • Everyday actions that contribute to a healthy watershed
  • A space where you can voice your support for VWRC and its projects
  • How to donate
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • How to apply for a job with our work crews
  • How to sign up your property for treatment
Check it out!
       You otter   


The Otter

The river otter is a charming and critical part of the Verde River watershed - and the VWRC mascot! It is also the name of our newsletter, which is chock-full of information on our collaborative effort and on-the-ground projects! Our newsletters, and more information on this adorable critter, can be found here.

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