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               WHO ARE WE?                 
The Marion 9/12 was formed on January 19th 2010 by a group of Marion area residents who share the common belief that in order for our nation to remain free we must commit to our founding principles.

The Voices of Liberty Tea Party group expanded in 2011 to encourage the inclusion of all patriots and liberty seeking citizens regardless of party affiliation.

 We encourage patriots of all persuasions to join with us, your neighbors in this movement.

 When thinking about government at all levels Ask yourself these three questions.

1. Which article from the Constitution gives government the authority to do this?
2. How does this help eliminate tax, eliminate  debt, reduce the deficit and balance the budget?
3. Why does this have to be mandatory and not voluntary?

 We believe in:
 • Limited federal government
 • Individual freedoms
 • Personal responsibility
 • Free markets
 • Returning political power to the states and the people

These principles are set forth in such documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States.

Our freedoms are given to us by our divine creator.
Our freedoms are not subject to the will nor restraint of man.
Being free men and women, we choose to use our voices and our actions to promote the
cause of restoring and protecting those sacred freedoms. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Your precinct here

See how your candidate stand based on constitutional principles.
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Volunteer to help with this project! Email: michael@voicesofliberty.org
for more information!

Isn't it time for democrats everywhere to end slavery?

                          Please Join us!              

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Saturday Sept. 17, 2011 - 12:00 pm
Constitution Day Picnic in the Park 

    Join the movement     
July 2012 
Voices of Liberty Tea Party
Calendar of Events

All meetings are open to the public.

All attendees must sign in and provide contact/update information at meetings.

Orderly conduct is expected and required at all times.

We uphold un-interrupted presentations by approved speakers and allow discussion, questions and comments at their and our discretion.

You must get prior permission from leadership to make formal presentations on any topic you wish to present.

Please reserve extended comments, "heated" debates, and "venting" for discussion times outside of our meetings.

Those who do not respect these guidelines in any way will be asked to leave the premises. In the event that there are those who refuse to do so, we will call local law enforcement for help.

Sunday July 1st
Final setup for Fair booth

Monday July 2 - Sat  July 7
Fair Booth....contact us to help or visit us in the coliseum

Saturday July 14
Breakfast at Bob Evan's
8 AM

Saturday July 14
Table at Gunshow at Marion Coliseum
9AM to 6 PM Sat & Sun
Selling Raffle Tickets
contact us at team@voicesofliberty.com  
for information on buying  or to help sell tickets 

Thursday July 19, at 7 PM
Marion Chamber of Commerce
Meet the Candidate Night
Dan Russell, Kerr Murray & Al Gruber have been invited.

They will introduce themselves & then take written questions from the audience
Meet & Greet afterwards.

Sat July 28
Breakfast at Bob Evans
8 AM

Thursday Aug 2, 
7 PM, Marion Chamber of Commerce  

We will be viewing the following video 
Rumors of War III
A movie shown on Glenn Beck showing how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government . 

Friday Aug 3
Speaker Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist

Marion Bible Fellowship, 930 Harding Memorial Parkway (across from Marion General Hospital)

Thursday August 16 

7 PM, Marion Chamber of Commerce 
Meet the Candidate NIght
The following judges have been invited

Judge William Finnegan, Tom Edwards,Judge Robert Davidson, Kevin Collins, & Jim Slagle 

Meet & Greet will follow. 

Past months activities below

Sat June 30 
Breakfast at Bob Evans
8 Am

Set up for Marion County Fair Booth.


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