The Aldwiki is a wiki site that offers students in Mr. Wright's classes at the Academic Magnet High a place to exchange their observations and research related to works created by the artist, Aldwyth. The goal is to create an online clearinghouse of information and interpretations of Aldwyth's artwork.  The site is part of a unit that incorporated Aldwyth's works into the European Literature and Creative Writing curriculum.  Click here to visit the site.

The Immersed Teacher 
@ Spoleto

Developed and piloted through a partnership with the 2008 Spoleto Festival, this project developed lessons and classroom resources through the attendance of performances and interviews with performers. The lessons and activities were published on the Immersed Teacher Spoleto Blog

She Shall Be Called Woman Exhibition

The She Shall Be Called Woman exhibition featured visual works of art created by seven artists exploring the role of woman in faith. Students used works from the exhibition to explore the role of the female protagonist in literature, visited the exhibition and then wrote literary reviews about the works in the exhibition. After the exhibition's close three of the works from the exhibition were installed in Mr. Wright's classroom at the Academic Magnet High School and were integrated into a unit on Paradise Lost. Visit the She Shall Be Called Woman exhibition web site for more information.


Project Fusion focused on the installation of six original works of art created by Charleston artist, Fletcher Crossman. The works were installed in classrooms and stairwells at the school. During the five week installation, the works were integrated into the Creative Writing and European Literature classes through a wide variety of activities and projects. The paintings later joined other works by Crossman for his
exhibition, Great Big Paintings, at the Gaillard Auditorium. During the exhibition at the Gaillard, words and images created by students were projected onto Crossman's canvasses transforming them into new interpretative works of art. The exhibition was voted by The Charleston City Paper as "Best Art Gallery Show for 2009". Visit the Fusion Project web site by clicking here.

A collaborative project with conductor Scott Terrell and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.  The project integrated Aaron Copeland's opera The Tenderland into the 10th grade Language Arts curriculum at the Academic Magnet High School.  Activities included a visit and demonstration by the Soprano and Tenor leads and a Socratic Salon with students, the conductor, and the music director.  The project culminated with students attending a performance of the opera.  An overview of the project, lessons, and handouts can be found by clicking here to visit the project web page

A collaborative project between students at the Academic Magnet and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.  This multidisciplinary project integrated the music of Shostakovich into the curriculum of music, art, literature, and history.  In literature students used their knowledge of the dystopian genre to complete a literary analysis and comparison of Shostakovich's
music, the novel
Brave New World, and their own original work of art.  The project culminated with a presentation of student's visual and written responses during the  Charleston Symphony Orchestra's performance of Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 8 on November 4th 2006.  Click here to view lessons and art created through the project. 

Press Clip: HOOKED ON CLASSICS ‌ Very Nice Dmitri 

Deconstructing Shostakovich with the Academic Magnet H.S. and the CSO

Charleston City Paper, November 2006.

The Cabell Collaboration

A collaborative project with the Academic Magnet's 2003 artist in residence, Cabell Heyward.  The project included visits by the artist and a classroom installation of an original work created by Heyward which was later featured in the exhibition of Heyward's works.  Activities included explications written by students using their knowledge of literary tools.  The project culminated with a field trip to the exhibition Peril Dream Promise which featured 15 of Heyward's assemblage pieces.  Read about the project in the Post and Courier newspaper article "Art As Literature" by clicking here.    

Press Coverage

It Is Amazing What People Can Say in Six Words

Larry Smith, editor of SMITH magazine talks about the six word memoirs created by students at the
Academic Magnet., February 2010

Best Art Gallery Show, Fletcher Crossman's Fusion

Progressive, controversial art shows on tap in Charleston
The Post & Courier Preview, August 2009.

Local artists chew over the role of women in religion
Charleston City Paper,  August 2009.

Deconstructing Shostakovich with the Academic Magnet H.S. and the CSO
Charleston City Paper, November 2006.

Art As Literature
The Post & Courier, 2003.