Writing Without Words
Demonstration of how
artwork, film clips, podcasts, and architecture can be
“read” and analyzed using the tools traditionally reserved for analyzing literary works.

Fueling the Fires of Literacy: Sparking Student Curiosity and Imagination through auditory and visual media.
South Carolina Council of Teachers of English Conference, Kiawah, S.C. January 2010

Do You See What I Hear”
Charleston County School District Winter Conference. Charleston, SC January 2010

Presenter: Integrating the Arts in the English Classroom
National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, New York, NY. November 2007

Visual Literacy Integration Presentation
The South Carolina Alliance for Arts Education Arts Integration Conference, Columbia, SC. 
September 2007.
Differentiated Teaching Through the Integration of Visual Literacy Skills, An Artist's Perspective of the Traditional Classroom Curriculum.  

Differentiating Teaching”
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Spring Conference. North Charleston, SC. April 2007
This co-presentation with Jim Braunreuther looked at 
how the elements of composition transcend specific content areas. Presented research and classroom activities that demonstrated how the inclusion of composition from an artistic perspective can improve student performance in the traditional classroom curriculum. 

Spoleto Festival USA Teacher's Institute June 2005, 2006, & 2007
Panel Member: Featured panelist in forums focused on how the arts can function in the classroom as a vehicle for inspiring creativity, promoting discussion, and understanding cultural differences among students.
Workshop presenter: Demonstrated and discussed classroom activities that integrate art, music, and dance into the Language Arts curriculum.

Redux Summer Arts Institute June 2007
Language Arts Consultant. Charleston, SC.

Differentiating Teaching Through Visual Literacy"
The South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education Conference. Charleston, SC. November 2006

The Visual Literacy Project Institute
Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC. August 2005
Introduced participants to theories in Visual Literacy and helped 
develop lessons based on artwork from the museum.

Integrating Visual Literacy into the Traditional Classroom Curriculum 
District-wide workshop conducted for Charleston County School District teachers. Charleston, SC. August 2004

Integrating Visual Literacy into the Traditional Classroom Curriculum
Art teachers. Lexington Three School District, Columbia, SC. January 2004
District-wide workshop conducted for Lexington County School District Three

Integrating Works of Art into the Language Arts Curriculum
District-wide workshop conducted for Charleston County School District Language Arts teachers. Charleston, SC. October 2003.

Using Visual Literacy to Differentiate in the Gifted Classroom 
Presentation to educators at the South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education.
Greenville, SC. December 2003.

Improving Visual Literacy in the Gifted Classroom 
Presentation to educators at the South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education. .Charleston, SC. December 2002.


Junius has developed and published ten lessons for the on-line teacher resource site, ReadWriteThink. Featured lessons include Analyzing Symbolism, Plot, and Theme in Death and the MiserDecoding the Dystopian Characteristics of Macintosh's "1984" Commercial, and Id, Ego, and Superego in Dr. Seuss' Cat In The Hat.   Click here to see the complete list of the lessons.  

Since 2005, Junius has authored the copy for thirty issues of a monthly, two page newsletter published by Bic USA Inc.  Targeted to reach teachers nationwide, The BIC Teacher Times offers innovative lessons, activities, and tips for the classroom teacher.  Issues are available at: