Posted below are the images of art work that  I exhibit in my Language Arts classroom at the Academic Magnet High School. Throughout the year, students wield literary tools to analyze, interpret, and explicate these works of art as if they were works of literature.  


Death and the Miser
by Hieronymus Bosch 

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Literary connections: 
The Middle Ages, Dante's The Inferno, Bergman's The Seventh Seal

Birth Of Venus
by Sandro Botticelli 

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Literary connections:
Renaissance, The Tragedy of Othello

Pilgrimage To Cythera
by Jeane-Antoine Watteau

Literary connections:

The Enlightenment, Milton's Paradise Lost


The Raft of the Medusa
by Theodore Gericault

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Literary connections:

A Bar at the 

by Edouard Manet

Literary connections:


The Persistence of Memory
by Salvador Dali

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Literary connections:
Surrealism, Kafka's The Metamorphosis


by Jackson Pollock

Literary connections:

Existentialism, Camus' The Stranger


Six Panels 
by Fletcher Crossman