Since 2007 
Charleston artist Fletcher Crossman has served as the artist-in-resident at the Academic Magnet High School.  During his tenure he has shared his artistic wisdom with students through classroom visits and video interviews.  Crossman has also generously shared his artwork with students.  So far, he has exhibited twelve of his original works in classrooms and hallways at the school.  Academic Magnet teachers from various disciplines have used Crossman's visits, videos, and installations to inspire discussion, nurture analytical thought, and deepen student understanding of core curriculum concepts.  Below is a summary of Crossmans contributions as an artist-in-resident at the Academic Magnet High School.  Visit Fletcher Crossman's web site at the following address:


The Aries Character Type
I Was Done To Death By A Thousand Boring Conversations
Joe Joe Worked in a Brick Factory
"When I Was" series


 Politico Bulldozing Emerald City Everything I Learned

 We With Light Sabers Fight Midnight Remembered What Cinderella Forgot

 Six Panels Apple Thief


Fletcher Crossman discusses the female protagonist in his paintings. 

Fletcher Crossman discusses the origins of his 2006 Piccolo Spoleto art exhibition Illuminations In The Shadows.

An exhibition of Fletcher Crossman's paintings at the Gaillard Auditorium, November 2008. Featuring projections
from Project Fusion.


Fletcher Crossman's painting, The Apple Thief, was featured in the exhibition She Shall Be Called Woman. For more information about the artist and the show visit: