Common questions and answers for the Virtusphere.

Q:Can the user fall out?
A: Operation of the VirtuSphere requires that all holes be closed with hatches, so that the shell is uniform.
This way the user inside is in no danger of falling out and can move naturally in any direction.

How does it operate?
A: The VirtuSphere consists of a large hollow sphere that sits on top of a base and allows the sphere to
rotate 360 degrees. Wearing a wireless, head-mounted display, users can step inside the sphere to interact
in virtual environments. It enables 6 degrees of freedom. You can move in any direction; walk, jump, roll, crawl,
run over virtually unlimited distances without encountering real-world physical obstacles.

Q: What kind of computer software runs on VirtuSphere?
A: VirtuSphere is compatible with a number of games, simulation training exercises and literally
thousands of 3D worlds available on the Web (via the “Cortona” VRML technology from Parallel Graphics). The
company is also working with top developers to create and adapt titles especially for the VirtuSphere system.

Q: VirtuSphere – why was it created?
A: The VirtuSphere was invented as a result of the need to overcome key limitations that the real world imposes
on the ability of people to move freely and in any direction in simulated environments.

Who invented the VirtuSphere?
A: It is the brainchild of brothers Ray and Nurulla Latypov, inventors who are famous for their numerous
discoveries and developments in the field of computers, user interfaces and games.

Q: VirtuSphere system – what does it consist of?
A: VirtuSphere systems are made to client specifications and typically include an easy-to-assemble sphere, a
base platform that enables it to rotate, a head-mounted display, 3D sensors, sphere rotation trackers, a
computer, device drivers and 3D software applications.

Q: What are the size/dimensions of the VirtuSphere?
A: Weight: total - 440-485 pounds; sphere - 285 pounds. Size: disassembled - 45 cubic feet; assembled -
height: 8.5-10 feet; space: 100 sq. feet.

Is it difficult to assemble the VirtuSphere?
A: The assembly is fairly easy. The sphere consists of 32 similar parts.  20 hexagon and 12 pentagon.
It is a straightforward process, where 2 people can assemble the full system and have it operational in less than 4 hours.

Q: Is it difficult to transport the VirtuSphere?
A: No. It is very easy. The parts that form the shell are self similar and stack onto each other taking up the minimal
space possible. The platform and computer can be disassembled and packed for easy transportation. VirtuSpheres can be
loaded into cars and moved.

What is the computer that runs the VirtuSphere?
A: The VirtuSphere works on Intel Architecture (Pentium 4 processors) and with Windows 2000/XP as the OS.
The system can be made compatible with additional computing platforms, such as Xbox, Sony PlayStation,
others. There are special device drivers and a proprietary SDK that currently license software developers.

Is the person inside the VirtuSphere tethered?
A: No. That’s part of what makes the VirtuSphere experience unique. Wireless configuration is used sending
data to and from the Head Mounted Display and manipulator. Bluetooth and video signal transmission.

Q: What sensors are used?
A: Movement sensors are located on the bottom of the sphere. A Doppler-effect ultrasonic device tracks the
rotation of the sphere and then translate that to X, Y coordinates on the plain for the PC. An additional
3D sensor is located on the Head Mounted Display (HMD) and it tracks the Point Of View (POV) of the user. The
HMD sensor is connected wireless via Blue-tooth with the PC that runs the application. To make the sensors
work in unison and to process the data to and from the application, there is proprietary algorithms,
SuitManager and device drivers.

Q: It looks like the sphere is made out of metal?
A: Spheres are not made of metal. Various versions are made out of ABS plastic and Polycarbonate.

It looks big and heavy – is it difficult to get it to turn and then slow it down?
A: One of the results of 45 man/years of R&D is a unique combination of a fairly heavy sphere (which weighs
approx. 285 pounds) and platform with omni-directional wheels, which allow for an easy movement of the sphere.
Kids as small as 5-6 years old do well in the VirtuSphere.

Will it fit in my living room?
A: If you have 100 sq. feet and your ceiling is 9 feet or higher – yes. It will definitely fit in most garages, usually
taking up just 1/2 of a one car bay.

Can a person fall inside the VirtuSphere?
A: Yes, and controlled falls are actually fun. There is also the accidental kind – like the ones that happen in the
world outside of the sphere all the time. Falling in the VirtuSphere may be less traumatic, as by design the
sphere rotates on the supporting platform as the person falls – taking away some of the negative energy of
impact. The shell protects the person from hitting objects outside of the sphere.

If I fall – how do I get up?
A: In 99% of the cases – unassisted. The VirtuSphere has a “sweet spot” of stability. People can easily locate the
spot and get up.

When you say “full body motion” what do you mean?
A: The VirtuSphere was initially designed to allow people to walk in cyberspace. In addition, a user can run in the
sphere (even at a very fast pace), jump (up and down, forwards, backwards, sideways), roll (any direction).
There is a lot of space inside the sphere. Users can punch, kick and do all kinds of moves with their whole body without
encountering a physical obstacle.