Virtual Reality Technology

3D virtual reality gaming       

The Virtusphere is exciting new technology

virtual reality demonstration
Unlike 3d technology, its uses a sphere and headset worn by the user. Movement is controlled by the person walking inside the sphere. There is no motors as the sphere sits on rollers. 

No harmful effects are incurred by the user. 3d virtual reality uses 3d glasses to "trick": the brain into seeing depth. The virusphere uses a wireless headset to create the virtual environment. The sphere can rotate in any direction by the person walking or running. First used for military training it now is available on the market for multiple applications.

Gaming enthusiasts will find the virusphere a fun experience. The virtual environment can easily be changed by switching the software. People who like to exercise can load any scenery they like and walk, jog or run in their favorite places. Although quite expensive the technology will come down in price as it becomes more popular and discovered by the general population. 

Some users have a little problem at first getting used to walking in the sphere. The future will see larger spheres and less wall incline to make walking more natural.

3d gaming

Users enter the sphere by way of a hatch.
Virtual travel is now a reality with this great invention. Gamers no longer have to sit idly. They now can exercise and have a great experience in the virtual reality of their choice.
 Virtual tourism can be enjoyed by the users pace. No need to keep up with the tour group. If you get tired of walking, simply stop and rest.

Engineers and architects can explore their creations by taking a virtual 3d preview and discover any flaws or changes needed before the actual building or project is built. Spectators can watch the virtual immersion by means of a tv set outside of the sphere.                                                                         

The virtusphere is the brain child of inventors Ray and Nurulla Latyov. They are famous for their various developments in the computer field, interfaces and games.

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