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We will show you our beautiful planet and our wonderful people through music, culture, news and intelligently designed learning. We will raise the essential, and lifesaving, knowledge bar in medical education, Science, allied health fields and foreign languages. Expose yourself, enjoy, test and enrich yourself, and then those around you.

StarFleet Genesis

The Dream to Build the Academy

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StarFleet Academy picture for StarFleet Genesis, the dream to build the academy

Photo Credit: Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry. Universal pictures. No rights inferred:

Give Peace a Chance

With recent events, and the ongoing war on terrorism, in every country, the temptation is high to show a video of what is wrong with our world, there are plenty, and they are very, very sad. 

But with tears in our eyes, and sadness for that which is cruel in our planet, we at V REZ would rather speak of hope, and a forthcoming peace that is more powerful than anyone's violence, right Mr. King?

"It only takes one person to say it, and millions to listen."  V REZ

Dancing the world with "Where the hell is Matt?"

Get Globally Optimistic - Why not? Earth is a truly beautiful, amazing, scintillating planet, and we live there. Why not make it awesome?

Russia's  major changes:  Russia has stepped up, and are starting to change the world from the inside out.

Imagine - John Lennon/Yoko Ono and Band 

Imagine - Elton John

Imagine - Avril Lavigne

Imagine - PS22 Chorus (Children's Choir)

Future Doctors Apply Now!

Are you ready to start medical school? Think you have what it takes?

All right then. Grab your electronic notepad, put your brain into warp drive and let's get started.

The Virtual Residency Medical School starts now!

Who Can Benefit From Virtual Residency

  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, Physician Assistants.
  • Nursing and Allied Health Professionals: Certifications
  • Medical Students: "USMLE & MCAT practice, MD guided instruction"
  • Actors: "I'm not a doctor, but I play one in the movies ... TV, RPG, Broadway."
  • Writers, Journalists, Reporters, Administrators: The doctors' bosses.

Who Can Benefit From V REZ and V Resonance

  • Everyone
  • Those who know Everyone
  • Everyone's Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents ...
  • and those that live next to Everyone

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