Current Projects

The Virtual Media Directory
is now released.

The Virtual Media Directory is a collection of the names, descriptions, and contacts for the largest number of media operating in the Second Life world. It will be updated quarterly, so if your organization missed this printing, e-mail Holman Tibbett (see "Contacts") and send your information

There is no charge for inclusion in the directory. (Click here to see a sample of the directory.)



  The directory can be purchased for $L2,500 for non-members, and $L1,250 for members of VWPC. To order, contact: 

Lillian Morpork  ( or Holman Tibbett ( 

for information.


If you would like to take out an ad in one of our quarterly updates, please send copy and artwork to me at:

Ad rates:

The printed area of each page is 7.5" tall by 4.5" wide.
Ad sizes come in the following sizes and rates:

    1/3 page
        Copy only: $L 1,250
        With art:  $L 1,500
    2/3 page
        Copy only: $L 2,000
        With art:  $L 2,400

    Full page
        Copy only: $L 2,625
        With art:  $L 3,150

VWPC members 1/2 price.

The fees received for the VWPC Media Directory go towards the Broken Pencil Fund, a relief fund to help member journalists in distress.

Classes for Members

We've begun organising classes for VWPC members.

Help us make VWPC publications the best written and edited in the metaverse. If you have knowledge in an area, contact me to set up a class.

The Broken Pencil Fund

Virtually all profits from VWPC projects and activities go to the Broken Pencil Fund which is made available to in world journalists  who are facing difficult times due to illness or personal tragedy. Donations are eagerly accepted. Please contact Holman Tibbett for more information.