Classic Video Game Heroines

I decided to make a small subsection dedicated to pre-Lara Croft heroines of gaming.

Time Gal(Reika Kirishima) from TIME GAL (Taito, 1985)

Gaea from GALACTIC WARRIORS(Konami,1985)

Flashgal from FLASHGAL (Sega,1985)

Kissy and Takky from BARADUKE (Namco, 1985)

Princess Kurumi from NINJA PRINCESS (Sega, 1985)

Ptolemy the Witch from FAIRYLAND STORY(Taito, 1985)

Momoko from MOMOKO 120% (Jaleco, 1986)

Onna Sanshirou from ONNA SANSHIROU-TYPHOON GAL (Taito, 1985)

Clarice (the Driver) from CITY CONNECTION(Jaleco, 1985)

Valkyrie from VALKYRIE NO BōKEN (Namco/Nintendo, 1986)

Lucia from 
THE WING of MADOOLA (Sunsoft/Nintendo, 1986)

Layla from LAYLA(dbSOFT/Nintendo, 1986)

Crew of the Star Leaf from 
GALL FORCE (HAL Laboratory/Nintendo, 1986)

Acha from TOY POP(Namco, 1986)

Al Tiana from SPACE HUNTER (Kotobuki(Kemco)/Nintendo, 1986)

Mary from QUARTET (Sega, 1986)

Thyra from GAUNTLET(Atari, 1985)

Michelle Heart from 
LEGENDARY WINGS (Capcom, 1986)

Yūko Asou from VALIS (Telenet, 1986-)

Tiat Young from DARIUS(Taito, 1986)

Sayo Chan from KIKI KAIKAI (Taito, 1986)

Amatelass from SEI SENSHI AMATELASS (Nichibutsu, 1986)

Athena from ATHENA (SNK, 1986)

Athena Asayima from PSYCHO SOLDIER (SNK, 1986)

Princess Ki from THE RETURN OF ISHTAR (Namco, 1986)

Samus Aran from METROID (Nintendo, 1986-)

Anmitsu from ANMITSU HIME(Sega, 1987)
(remade as Alex Kidd: High-Tech World)

Alis from PHANTASY STAR(Sega, 1987)

Wendy & Razor from MANIAC MANSION (Lucasfilm Games, 1987)

Mary from ALIEN SYNDROME (Sega, 1987)

Labryna from DARK ADVENTURE/DEVIL WORLD(Konami, 1987)

Princess Purapril from 
WONDERBOY III: Monster's Lair 
(Westone,Sega, 1988)

Lucia from 
PSYCHO WORLD (Hertz, 1988)
(remade as Psychic World, Sanritsu/Sega, 1991)

The Guardian from GUARDIC LEGEND (Compile/Nintendo, 1988)

Alice from 
MARCHEN MAZE (Namco, 1988)

Shardan from SWORD OF SODAN (Discovery Software,Innerprise, 1988,1991)

Princess Rosella from 
KING'S QUEST IV (Sierra, 1988)

Annie Larris, Melissa China & Leslie Bennet
(Lucasfilm, 1988)
Hiromi Tengenji from BURNING FORCE (Namco, 1989)

Maria from GHOST LION (Kemco/Nintendo, 1989)

Nei, Amy, Anna and Shir from PHANTASY STAR II (Sega, 1989)

Ellinor from ALESTE 2 (Compile(for MSX2), 1989)
(and Aleste sequels)

Carol from LASER GHOST (Sega, 1989)

Laura Bow from LAURA BOW 1 & 2(Sierra,1989 &'92)

Valkyrie from VALKYRIE NO DENSETSU (Namco, 1989)

Tyris Flare from GOLDEN AXE(Sega, 1989)

Kaede from SHADOW OF THE NINJA (Natsume/Nintendo, 1990)

Doropi from MAGICAL DOROPI (Vic Tokai/Nintendo, 1990)

Kagerow from NINJA COMBAT (Alpha Denshi, 1990)

Karen from ALIEN STORM (Sega 1990)

Leila from ROLLING THUNDER 2 (Namco, 1990)

Ayame from SHADOW BLASTERS (Cyclone Sytem,Sigma Enterprises/Sega, 1990)

Zana Keene from ARROW FLASH (Sega, 1990)

Belle Vogato from DANGEROUS SEED (Tose, 1990)

Tam and Rit from ROD LAND(Jaleco, 1990)

Mieu,Lena,Thea,Thea,Sari,Laya,Kara,Gwyn from PHANTASY STAR III(Sega, 1990)

[Goddess' Birth] (IGS/Sega, 1991)

Amazoness from Death Brade/Mutant Figher(Data East, 1991)

Nova from ACROBAT MISSION (UPL, 1991)

Iris of Arliel from CRYSTAL WARRIORS(Sega, 1991)
Crystal Warriors at Wikipedia

Mania & Maria from BATTLE MANIA (Vik Tokai/Sega, 1991)

Yui Mizuhara & Ran Ryuzaki from BATTLE GOLFER YUI (Santos/Sega, 1991)

Mel from PuLiRuLa (Taito, 1991)

Popful Mail from POPFUL MAIL (Falcom, 1991)
(remade in 1994 by SIMS and HuneX)

Annet Myer from EL VIENTO (Wolfteam/Sega, 1991)

Pyra Myst from SHINING IN THE DARKNESS (Climax Entertainment,Sonic! Software Planning/Sega, 1991)

Blaze from STREETS OF RAGE (Sega, 1991-)

Chun-Li from STREET FIGHTER II(Capcom, 1991)

Cotton from FANTASTIC NIGHT DREAMS:Cotton (Success, 1991)

Ranma (in girl form) from RANMA ½ [series] (NCS,Irem,Atalier Double etc./Nintendo, 1992-)

Reayon from DEADLY MOVES/POWER ATHLETE (System Vision, 1992)

Shannon from EX-MUTANTS (Malibu Interactive/Sega, 1992)

Alisia from ALISIA DRAGOON (Game Arts,Gainax/Sega 1992)

Lucia from GLEY LANCER (Masaya/Sega, 1992)

Friday from LANDSTALKER (Climax/Sega, 1992)

Sonya Blade from MORTAL KOMBAT(Midway, 1992)

Rayar Dragon from NINJA COMMANDO (Alpha Denshi, 1992)

Jennifer Capriati from JENNIFER CAPRIATI TENNIS (System Sacom, 1992)

Rosa Felmonde from 

Felry Carnihum from VARTH (Capcom, 1992)

Tao,Mae,Khris,Anri,Diane,Alef from SHINING FORCE (Climax Entertainment,Camelot Software Planning/Sega, 1992)

Tanya from GUARDIANS OF THE 'HOOD (Atari, 1992)

Sonette,Cynthia, Sylvia, Julie, Minto from SHINING FORCE GAIDEN (Sonic!Software Planning/Sega, 1992)

Natasha,Dawn,May,Sarah from SHINING FORCE GAIDEN II (Sonic!Software Planning/Sega, 1993)

Kitana & Mileena from MORTAL KOMBAT II (Midway, 1993)

Sarah,May,Karna,Janet,Taya,Sheela from SHINING FORCE 2 (Sonic!Software Planning/Sega, 1992)

RAYFORCE (Taito, 1994)

Mirage from RED ZONE (Zyrinx/Sega, 1994)

'Player 2' from ZED BLADE (NMK, 1994)

The Huntress from BLADES OF VENGEANCE (Beam Software/Sega, 1993)

Sheena from CONTRA:HARD CORPS (Konami/Sega, 1994)

Asha from WONDERBOY V /MONSTER WORLD IV  (Westone/Sega, 1994)

Liz from WIZ 'n LIZ:The Frantic Wabbit Wescue (Raising Hell Productions,Krisalis Software 1993)

Julie from ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS (LucasArts, 1993)

Shadow Yamato & Jetta Maxx from ETERNAL CHAMPIONS (Sega, 1993)

Rika, Alys, Demi & Kyra from PHANTASY STAR IV (Sega, 1993)

Natasha,Dawn,May,Sarah from SHINING FORCE GAIDEN:Final Conflict (Sonic!Software Planning/Sega, 1995)

Lady from LADYSTALKER[Landstalker 2] (Climax Entertainment/Nintendo, 1995)

Iria from HYPER IRIA (Crowd,Zeiram Project/Nintendo, 1995)

Grace Nakamura from GABRIEL KNIGHT 1,2 & 3 (Sierra, 1993-1999)

Nikki from PANDEMONIUM! 1 & 2 (Toys for Bob,Crystal Dynamics, 1996)