About The Village Store

The Village Store is a network social venture incubated to promote products of village-based micro business units who are committed to mainstream ethical standards of manufacturing and work towards:
  1. Creating market driven regular income opportunities in the villages and
  2. Assist corporates with innovative ideas to contribute towards sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Economic Empowerment of Rural India


Providing regular employment opportunities to rural India by
  • Marketing products produced by village based production centers
  • Setting up production units in villages which shall produce goods of mass consumption for urban and rural markets.

The products that we promote are
  1. Completely eco-friendly and recyclable
  2. Made in Villages primarily by women self help groups
  3. Quality and Handcrafted
  4. Easy substitute to conventional products
  5. Use of traditional production techniques
  6. No Child Labour used in the entire production process
Hence by buying products from The Village Store one can
  1. Initiate small initiatives to move from conventional products to Eco Friendly products
  2. Share the value add of using the eco friendly products with your internal and external customers
  3. Help in generating more income earning opportunities in rural India and eventually reduce city migration
  4. Help in conservation of traditional arts and crafts
  5. Help in making the best use of locally available raw materials which otherwise would have been neglected
We offer a wide range of products made up of Bamboo, Jute, Cotton, Recycle Newspaper and Forest Honey. 
Please do visit our "Products" to have a glimpse of the wide range of products we promote. We offer lots more and for details please write to us.