Saigon & Tan Son Nhut During the Vietnam War
A Personal Photo Collection 
170 Personal War real 4x6 photos from Saigon and Tan Son Nhut Airbase
Some of locations and details in the photographs are as follows: Vietnamese Red Cross workers Field Hospital Saigon Wounded Soldiers; Chaplains; Tan Son Nhut Airbase, Phantom F4 Picture of night fighting Bombed American truck Hand grenades and claymores Vietnamese laborer Henry Cabot Lodge General William Westmoreland Vice President Hubert Humphrey Vietnamese children's orchestra at hospital Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts Quarterback 1956-1973 Charlton Hesston visiting wounded soldiers Bob Hope show Anita Bryant, Joey Heatherton, Kaye Stevens Carroll Baker Ben Hoa Med-Evac helicopters International Church Aerial views of Downtown Saigon Vietnamese Army Hospital Lam Son Square, historic district Continental Palace Saigon Basilica Cathedral U.S. Embassy Presidential Palace Vietnamese High School French Renault taxicabs Black-market downtown Central Market Execution Wall Saigon River refugee camps My Cahn Floating Restaurant Chuong Quay Street Side canal off Ben Nghe Victoria Hotel after 1 April 1966 bombing Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens Long boats Xa Loi Pagoda Vietnamese funeral Buddhist temple Vietnamese cemetery Beggar ladies and much much more.  High quality photos printed from color slides.   An amazing historic collection available for a limited time.
If you were there, then these are the photographs you have to show your children and grandchildren.  Never before has such a high quality and historic collection been available in living color. 
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101st Airborne in Vietnam
Personal War Photo Collection 
54 Personal Vietnam War photos
101st Airborne 1968 1969 Camp Eagle
This is a never-seen-before collection of personal photographs from the 101st Airborne in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. Photo locations include Phan Thiet, LZ Sherry, USO show with Bob Hope and Ann Margaret Christmas 1968, A Shaw Valley, flight over the Battleship New Jersey, Titty Mountain, Camp Eagle, Downtown Hue shopping district, Emperor’s Palace and Throne Room, Buddhist Temples and shrines, Orphanage, Phu Bai, Saigon, farms, ambush scenes, helicopter views, soldiers in camp, landing zones and more.
These are fifty-four (54) new real professional size 4x6 photographs made from negatives. Included in your package are descriptions of the contents of each photograph. If you were a Screaming Eagle in Vietnam or at any of these locations and didn’t have a camera, then these are for you. Welcome home ”doggie brother”.
01. Landing Zone LZ Sherry Phan Thiet
02. Bombing NVA battalion outside Phan Thiet
03. Captured VC cache
04. Stepping over VC barbed wire usually mined
05. Sweep patrol through an abandoned farm
06. 50 caliber on perimeter guard August 1969
07. Battleship New Jersey from my helicopter
08. Camp Eagle in the mud
09. Bob Hope and Ann Margaret Christmas 1968
10. A Shaw Valley. Round came in killing two of us.
11. After I shot the first VC, this one jumped out of his “spider hole.” Was taking a bead on me when he saw he was outnumbered and ran. I put my camera down and got him. He was responsible for four of our KIA.
12. VC dragged himself 100 meters into jungle
13. Ambush where I was wounded. Dead VC in front
14. Titty Mountain August 1969
15. A Shaw Valley after “Hamburger Hill”
16. Going out on an operation. M60 door gunner
17. Artillery firing into A Shaw Valley
18. Ancient wall of Hue after rocket attack.
19. VC cache
20. Officer crying after battle
21. VC blew railroad tracks into Phan Thiet
22. Local children at school
23. Christmas Day 1968 at Camp Eagle24. Little girl named “To Nong Lit”
25. Picture inside the “hooch”
26. Baby sleeping in a straw hanging cradle
27. Camp Eagle, mortar attack 200 yards away, some injured, three helicopters damaged, officer’s shower in center and latrine to the left.
28. Helicopters rocketing VC outside the perimeter, me in 30 lb “flak” vest.
29. Insertion on LZ field
30. Insertion on LZ field
31. Charging with rifle backwards as a joke
32. Checking out shrapnel wound
33. Purple Heart award
34. Hue from a chopper showing all the moats and walls.
35. Temple just outside the perimeter.
36. Rice paddies outside Camp Eagle. Sometimes they shoot at us from there. Over horizon is the South China Sea.
37. Peasant in rice paddy
38. Ancient canons inside the emperor’s structure.
39. VC hand grenade captured. Carried by large loop. Activate by pulling smaller end.
40. Home of the emperor.
41. Going into an orphanage on Christmas Day 1968.
42. Downtown Hue shopping district. Very dangerous.
43. Buddhist Temple outside wall in Hue. Fortress in background with anti-VC slogans.
44. Bullet spattered Buddhist shrine outside Camp Eagle.
45. Camp Eagle from a helicopter pad.
46. Hooking out water wagon from Chinook helicopter. Shot through trap door.
47. Typical farm with stolen C Ration boxes. We confiscated them.
48. Emperor’s palace and throne room.
49. Emperor’s throne room in red and gold in Hue. Chair adorned with precious stones.
50. Personal cameras in the field
51. R&R in Saigon
52. Phu Bai 101st Information desk I monsoon rain
53. Steak and beer party with company dog mascot
54. Downtown Hue
These images can be enlarged to 8x12’s by special request.
Send your email for information.
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Photos from an Air Force Sergeant

at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in 1965



These photos were taken by an US Air Force Sergeant stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon during 1965.   The photos are of street scenes in Saigon and surrounding area as well as planes on the Air Base.  All are personal photos not appearing anywhere else in books or in the National Archives.  Some of the photos are as follows:


Flight Line Bunkers, C123 ’s AIE-VNAF Prop Plane Bombers F101 Fighter Bombers Saigon slums US Embassy Saigon Military Billets FC-47 C-47 Spooky Vietnamese Concession Stands on Tan Son Nhut  Victoria Store and more. 





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Photos From An Army Specialist in Vietnam
A Personal War Photo Collection   
These photos were taken by an Army Transportation Specialist in 1968 and 1969.  
They feature photographs of Vietnamese people, places, children, families, soldiers, military equipment, army life and human losses.
The negatives were packed away since 1969 and recently printed for your interest.


All are of good quality images as taken through the lenses of our 35mm cameras in Phan Rang, Tuy Hoa, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Phan Thiet, Ban Me Tuot and along the DMZ after Tet in 1968 thru 1969. 
These images have never been published.
With a purchase goes the rights to use these prized color and black & white 4x6 prints for personal, educational, literary, research or  media project. 
We ask that you credit THE VETERANS MUSEUM in your project.    Some samples of these sets are shown below

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Vietnamese Women & GI's in the War
A Vietnam War Photograph Collection
According to Reporter Peter Arnett, as the Vietnam War progressed, prostitution increasingly became the only viable economic solution for thousands of South Vietnamese women.
The American military got into the business by degrees, an escalation process linked to the escalation of the war.
Reporter Peter Arnett saw the gradual acceptance of U.S. military-controlled and -regulated brothels as a natural outgrowth of what he called "the McNamara theory": "In 1965 the main idea was to keep the troops contented and satisfied. Ice cream, movies, swimming pools, pizza, hot dogs, laundry service and hooch maids. The hooch maid were brought in as maids, not as prostitutes. Sex with a hooch maid was a private arrangement, a relationship of convenience. A lot of hooch maids did become prostitutes, however, but in the early days if they were discovered at it, they were fired."
The hooch maids were the first step toward accommodation; bar girls and massage parlors soon followed. According to Arnett, the rear-area troops caused the most "problems": "There was a lot of discontent and boredom. The men were aware that they were soldiers who weren't fighting.  They might drive into town to the illegal brothels, but for obvious reasons and security the brothels were off limits." Massage parlors, that vague gray area of sexual action from Saigon to New York City, were always considered legal.
A base at Danang began experimenting with organized battalion trips to town on a once-a-month basis, but according to a news reporter,  it was a disaster: "The men would hit town like animals, they couldn't cope, it was pure chaos." After this early experience the command decided to confine their men to the base camp, but the inviolate law of supply and demand went into operation.
A shantytown of brothels, massage parlors, known as Dogpatch, soon ringed the base. "The marines would bust through the wire at night - the Marine command could live with that," the reporter.  It was Arnett's opinion that the U.S. Army was "more enlightened" than the Marine Corps.
By 1966 the 1st Cavalry Division at An Khe, in the Central Highlands, the 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe, twenty-five miles north of Saigon, and the 4th Infantry Division at Pleiku had allegedly established official military brothels within the perimeter of their base camps.
The Lai Khe "recreation area" belonging to the base camp of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division was a one-acre compound surrounded by barbedwire with American MP's standing guard at the gate.
It was opened only during daylight hours for security reasons. Inside the compound there were shops that sold hot dogs, hamburgers and souvenirs, but the main attraction was two concrete barracks, each about one hundred feet long - these serviced the four-thousand-man brigade.
Each building was outfitted with two bars, a bandstand, and sixty curtained cubicles in which the Vietnamese women lived and worked.
These photographs taken by a GI from 1968 through 1970 chronicle women in the war zone. 
They are being made available for their educational and historical use only. 
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Painted Warriors - Rangers on the DMZ
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A Fantastic Music CD from Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam
This CD comes complete with twenty songs from the 60's and early 70' with short News Spots on the War, reminders to take your Malaria Pill, what Movies are playing at Danang Airbase, etc, from Armed Forces Radio Disk Jockeys. 
Play it in your car's CD player and riders will think they are in a time machine.
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