Greetings, and may fair fortune smile upon you. If you have by chance, stumbled across this website then I'd lay odds you're something of a Dragon Cave player. That is, after all, the reason I have seen fit to make it. I have been somewhat absent for quite a while now and as I am being persuaded back into the spirit of things I've missed quite a bit of silliness and etc. The fact that I never really finished the full set of last Halloween's sprites will always bother me. Here's to hoping sometime in the future we may be allowed to finish. It is such a shame yanno? WELL ANYWAY.

Foremostly, I will endeavor to increase my repertoire of the prettily lineaged and one's basic breeding stock. You might even assist me in such a quest; to which I but offer the warmest of thanks for said lovely additions. Intents and purposes being stated, now is as good a time to state some facts:

General Information

Forum Name: Sinsdaemn

Scroll: Wanyuudo

Contact: Messaging on the Forums

Transfer Methods: Teleportation, natch. <3

Time Zone: Pacific Central Time (UTC -6)

Bit of a quirk, but here we are. I like ordering my scroll due to slimness of body type and width et cetera. Kaito is up at the top, as something of a separating divider. Eggs that I intend to transfer or trade are above the frozen daydream and my own lovelies are below. It's gotten trickier with the new additions and their conflicting ways so I've been somewhat lackadaisical in fashioning of late.