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April VNC Mtg.

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Bill Rosendahl, 1945-2016

Bill Rosendahl, the well-loved and larger-than-life former Los Angeles City Councilman, public affairs broadcaster, and cable television executive, passed away early Wednesday morning after a four year battle with cancer. He was 70 years old.

  Bill's Story

Bill Rosendahl 1945 - 2016

There are now three legends from Venice

Motorcycle Surfing coming to Venice? WTF?

The Venice Beach Press _ Motorcycle Surfing!!!

In this issue: 
 Republican Debate - The three legends of Venice:  Abbott Kinney, Jim Morrison and Challis McPherson - Cadilac Hotel Owner charged with MURDER - Surfer dies of cardiac arrest - Donald Trump in his own words - Protest for Brendon "Dizzle" Glenn- Archer School - Loose Screws in Harrison Ford plane - UBER Driver shot by Venice Beach Gangsters - AirBNB Venice Rally in the NewsBoardwalk massacre UPDATE -3 things 4 Mike Bonin's to do list  - Venice Gang Injunction Mtg  - VBPress now on FBMark Ryavec & V.S.A. - Great Streets - Mike Bonin address conditions in Venice - Challis Macpherson awarded - LA County approves hotels on Via Marina and more.

Challis MacPherson passes

She was a legend in Venice, always standing up for the community against an onslaught of development, commercialization and gentrification in Venice.  No one fought harder on land use issues and no one can replace her.   She will be missed.  The following is a letter of reflection by Mike Newhouse
Two weeks ago, Venice lost a true treasure; Challis Macpherson.  While the term gets thrown around too often, Challis was truly "bigger than life." 
Of course, there were the hats, and the clothes; as colorful and creative as the woman herself.  But, what a lot of folks don't know is that Challis was an excellent seamstress, and actually designed and sewed her own clothes.  In fact, she even taught sewing classes at the Venice Boys and Girls Club.
But, more than that, Challis will be remembered, and sorely missed, for her contributions to Venice civic life.  Since the early 70s, Challis was heavily involved in her community.  Whether it was founding PVJOBS, which helps place at-risk youth and adults in career-track employment, or serving on the Venice Town Council, the Grassroots Roots Venice Neighborhood Council or the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC), Challis was a tireless volunteer for the betterment of our community.
I first met Challis almost ten years ago, after I ran as a write-in candidate to serve on the VNC.  I knew that Challis had a reputation for being blunt, and our first meeting didn't disappoint.  Sitting in the crowd at a VNC meeting just after the election, Challis interrupted a debriefing about the election's results, and stood up and asked, "Who's the guy who got elected as a write in?"  I sort of raised my hand sheepishly.  Her response, "Well, I voted for you, so you better not screw it up!"  Obviously, everyone laughed, and at that moment, a friendship, and mentorship of sorts, was born.
At the time, Challis was the single most knowledgeable person in Venice I knew when it came to planning.  I would attend her LUPC meetings to learn everything I could about how LUPC and the VNC interacted with, and could influence, development in Venice.  Importantly, Challis helped teach me how identify a good project, versus a bad project.  Did the community need the project?  Was it tasteful?  Would it create jobs?  Did it have enough parking?  Was the applicant humble, and willing to listen to and at least consider the community's input?  Together, we created a system whereby individual neighborhoods were specifically alerted by the VNC as to projects that would affect their streets.  Challis was a big believer in getting the word out far and wide, and making sure that anyone who cared enough to express their opinion would at least have the opportunity to do so.
Challis also was a skilled ambassador for the VNC.  Challis would literally attend every Area Planning Commission meeting, even if a Venice project was not on the agenda.  Similarly, she was a constant presence downtown at Planning Department hearings, and never missed an opportunity to let the City know the VNC's position on matters.  Challis was so appreciated and respected by planning staff in Los Angeles that, by my first term as VNC President, I would routinely receive calls from Zoning Administrators seeking the VNC's position on the rare Venice project that didn't have a VNC recommendation in the file.  In short, the folks making the decisions wanted to know what Challis and her group had to say.
And, Challis was fun!  After any LUPC or VNC Board meeting, there was the nightcap at Jerry's, and DeDe Audet, Yolanda Gonzales and Ivan Spiegel were never far.  As for parties, my wife Ruthie throws great ones, and Challis and Wally were always there.  Challis could tell a great story, and she was always a blast to be around.
I know I speak for Venice when I say that our friend Challis will truly be missed.  She was a good and kind person, she gave selflessly of her time, and she will never be forgotten.  

- Mike Newhouse     

Common Sense
by Mark M. Herd
What's going on in the Presidential race? 
It's really quite simple, the establishment is pushing Over the HILLARY for PRISON into office.
OK, so lets do some simple political math.  Hillary gets Dem nomination, that's almost a certainty.  Her long time friend DONALD TRUMP, who only wants publicity, pushes every demographic voter over to Hillary except one, the racists.  He's already called enough women dogs so Hillary shouldn't worry about the female vote.  He's completely pissed off the latino voters by saying he would deport AMERICAN BORN latinos.  And now he's even mocking handicapped news folk.  Seriously folks, both parties are playing YOU the voter.  Both parties send us to war to kill other human beings when we should be more concerned about our domestic issues and challenges.  There's only so much National Budget to go around unless you're Barrack Obama, then all you do is run the deficit up 10 trillion in 7 years with little to show for it.  Oh but if you like common core, if you like your tax dollars going oversees instead of to your kids teachers salaries, if you like common core and wars for nothing but PROFITS, then keep voting for the parties of tweedle dee and tweedle dum.  In case you think Washington is spending your delicious war tax dollars wisely, here's a video so you can see what an impressive outlay of tax dollars looks like. 

Stoping War = Voting Libertarian

 Trust your common sense


Venice Boardwalk Cam 

Feature Article:  The protest over Brendon "Dizzle" Glenn and the second Venice local KILLED in 3 month's, Jason Davis was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!  Freedom of Speech is alive and well in Venice Beach.  The protest Saturday brought out lots of LAPD who surely knew the probable number of protestors (the LAPD is known for bs undercover snoop ops).  But Venice Beach locals and others turned up and did a great job!  Awareness of LAPD use of excessive force in Venice is at an all time high.  Some local online news outlets don't want to talk about it.  But the protests will continue and public awareness can't be put back in a bottle. 


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Original Post: 

The Jason Davis Killing

at Groundworks on Rose, just 2 month's after LAPD kills unarmed Brendon "Dizzle" Glenn.  Locals outraged! 


JASON DAVIS, shot (3 times) in Venice by LAPD at Groundworks Coffee Shop near Wholefoods on Rose is DEAD!!!!!!!!!! 

Cristian Jones, a cousin of Jason Davis posted the following on the internet:

 "I would 1st like to say I am sorry for what my cousin put anyone through during this event, those at the coffee shop, witnesses and the police. My family his family have now been contacted after this has blasted over the internet. This young man suffered from many things and is now at peace. It is a sad day when a police officer has to shoot anyone who may have been a threat to them and for this I myself am sorry that they had to use deadly force. I myself know how this man was for a good portion of his life and to my knowledge he never did harm to anyone and I hate it for those who saw him in this fashion as this was not the man the family knew. Again from my family to yours I'm sorry for the actions that took place." 


Moments after the shooting

Venice Beach Press

Looks like Jason Davis got great medical attention while three LAPD bullets lingered inside him.  As you can see from the picture (above) after 3 bullets entered Jason the cops were 1) taking notes  and  2) checking his bags.  Witnesses said Jason was drinking a concoction of cigarette butts and liquid, probably alcohol.  He vomited while sitting in front of Groundworks Coffee moments before the LAPD arrived and shot him into a slow death.  He was said to be beligerant as if he was wasted.  In one of the pictures it appears that Jason's knife may be in a safety case.  So basically the cops pulled up, tazed him, possibly missed with the tazer and then the other cop shot him.  Hey, that's not how we handle wasted drunks with knifes on the boardwalk, we run up behind them and jump them, take them to the ground and sometimes even get cut doing it but oh well, maybe we save a life and get another drunk back into AA.  The LAPD has a different method, even though they cloth themselves with bullet proof vests, tazers, pepper spray, guns, gloves etc., they shot first and answer questions later.  This will be the second police shooting and death in Venice Beach in 3 months, possibly a new record.  As far as the cops that  killed these two men, they will most likely get some paid time off right in the middle of summer.  Venice locals want to know if the LAPD had their bodycams on and why they are not releasing the video from the LAPD killing of unarmed Brendon Glenn. 

Witness to the killing

LAPD Excessive force, Broken sidewalks, lack of shelter beds, Gentrification of Venice, Selling out of our boardwalk parking lot, total shower closings, evening bathroom closings and boardwalk curfews upset Venetians, WTF?
Councilman Mike Bonin....
Goose ain't down with that!

Political Protest for Dizzle

 The protest for Justice for Brendon "Dizzle" Glenn
Saturday was
The LAPD MUST release the video of the killing of Brendon Glenn now!!!!!
Public awareness of LAPD abuses and killings in Venice at an ALL TIME HIGH!!!

Lets face it, when it comes to protesting, us Venetians are the best!

In other news

Nope!  This lifeguard threw a bucket of water FIRST on the woman but that's not in our video.  The LA TIMES has the exclusive video.  (Check it out)

Lifeguard kicks ass in Venice Beach

3 things
 the VBPress
would like Mike Bonin

First, over-sized, over-height real estate projects are routinely permitted by City Hall, even though they exceed the capacity of local infrastructure and are out-of-character and out-of-scale with local neighborhoods. 

Second, public infrastructure and public services are inadequate and poorly maintained at present.  And, in the future, this situation will only get worse as maintenance is deferred and the Los Angeles region will be subject to repeated natural disasters:  earthquakes, floods, heat waves, droughts, and fires. 

Third, the City’s legally adopted zoning codes, building codes, and conditions imposed through project approvals are erratically enforced. In most cases local residents must make repeated calls, usually involving City Council Offices, submit voluminous rebuttal documentation into planning case files at their own expense, and in some cases they must resort to lawsuits to get code enforcement 



LAPD Shoot another man in Venice

Second Venice Beach local, JASON DAVIS, shot (3 times) AND KILLED in Venice by LAPD at Groundworks Coffee Shop near Wholefoods on Rose !!!!!




Venice Guys Roofie Drinks 
 One Female Norweigan Tourist Dead Other In ICU

With all the traffic will Venice scrap a parking lot for a development on OFW?  Sounds like we're going backwards right? 

Will Mike Bonin and the LA City Council go around Venice locals protestations and allow a MAJOR PROJECT to densify the Venice Beach boardwalk even more?  Venice locals hate traffic but does Mike Bonin care or understand the severity of the traffic problem in Venice Beach?


Argonaut spins UPAbbott Kinney Hotel aka Venice Place Project , Ira Koslow DOWN!!!
Thank you Ira



Officer filed false report before killing Venice local
Brendon Glenn 

Venice Townhall Mtg.
Brendon Glenn

Venice Police Shooting of Brendon Glenn Townhall Mtg.

Brendon Glenn Mtg. Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4


LAPD kill unarmed Brendon Glenn in Venice Beach

After the Brendon Glenn killing and now the Jason Davis shooting, will there be another Venice mtg over the LAPD's lack of restraint and crappy record over the last 3 month's or will the LAPD try to cool things down and sweep the whole thing under the rug.  


Santa Monica Airport

The FAA has extended the public comment period on the Draft EA by 60 calendar days. The comment period  closed on September 8, 2015.


Jim Carey calls Gov. Brown a "Fascist" for signing new vaccination law.  (read article) 


Venice homeless man sues LAPD, alleges excessive force during arrest (read article)


Los Angeles to reinstate ban on boardwalk vending (read article)


Venice Branch Library to host Red Cross Blood drive July 14th at Library (details)


City to vote on law that puts squeeze on homeless encampments (read article)


Venice Basketball League takes flight! (read artilcle)


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VNC June Mtg.
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Topless Day came to Venice  
 The extremely friendly activists parade in pasties down Ocean Front Walk.  What a site to see!
Sunday Aug. 23rd
It's an annual event!

The Venice Beach Press wishes Bill Rosendahl all the best!!!  Keep fighting Bill, were all pulling for you!!


Another VNC Mtg!!!

(Free Pizza, Coffee, Vegis, and Cookies)

You Don't want miss the next mtg!


Red Hot Chile Peppers in Venice


El Chapo Escapes again

Eric Garcetti and the TPP, where does he stand?  Is he quiet on this crappy deal because he belongs to one of the two crappiest parties in the country? YES, he completely supports it AND he made phone calls to congressman to get them to pass it!!  Politico reported the following..."

“If I’m talking about an issue, if Ed Lee’s talking about an issue, Mayor Garcetti’s talking about an issue, if mayors across the country are talking about this, I think we have a different level of credibility than many folks in Washington,” Reed said.

Reed said he’s headed soon to Los Angeles to meet with Garcetti and divvy up a list of phone calls to members of Congress.

“We have a list of congressional members who are opposed, we have a list of those that haven’t made their opinion known, and we will break up that list based on who has the personal relationships with members,” Reed said of his plan with Garcetti.


LA’s Balanced Budget Short on Reform


Witnesses speak about how cops ask for ID's then shoot and kill as in the case of Brendon "Drizzle" Glenn and possibly Jason Davis

How Brendon Glenn died


Unarmed man shot dead by police in Gardena