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Vanya Up North: A Log of His Stress Responses to His Triggers

1=whining, scanning, can do cues
2=pulling, bouncing, shrieking, can do cues
3=shrieking, pulling hard, can do cues
4=screaming, wiggling out of harness, can't do cues, needs to be picked up and moved away
5=chaos, biting at leash, chattering, chuffing, can't calm down w/ a visual barrier

NONE= that trigger didn't show up today!
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DateDog/cat/deer in DistanceDog/cat Runs up to UsVan Drives ByPeople ApproachPeople LeaveOCD: lights, reflections, ceiling# screaming fitsNotes
DateDog/cat/deer in DistanceDog/cat Runs up to UsVan Drives ByPeople ApproachPeople LeaveOCD: lights, reflections, ceiling# screaming fitsNotes
May 28, 2010 NONE    
May 30, 2010 NONE    
May 29, 2010 NONE    
June 3, 2010 NONE NONE NONE 0: calm   
June 2, 2010 NONE NONE NONE 0: calm   
June 5, 2010 NONE NONE   
June 4, 2010 NONE NONE 1: 0: calm  Window film is up; freaked out at sight of Pete chain-sawing and Gail in sauna; very good at sight of dogs in distance 
May 31, 2010 NONE   
June 7, 2010 1:  very good with passing barking dogs in house; good with LAT & deer; great on beach; good with LAT at cat lying down; lost it when cat ran up toward us 
June 8, 2010 NONE NONE  rainy day, very calm, just one scream of joy at the UPS guy 
June 9, 2010 1:  excellent day! great w/Buddy, the cat, Nancy, vans, Mr UPS 
June 10, 2010 NONE NONE  1 off-leash dog (brief meet and greet muzzled); 2 huge leashed male dogs; dragged V off, then when they passed, did a little LAT once he calmed 
June 11, 2010 NONE NONE NONE 0: calm  1 whining at GSD barking very good, considering dogs camping next door 
June 12, 2010 NONE NONE NONE  1 singing at N&P in truck very, very good w/deer; vigilant in forest; calm on Stone Rd 
June 13, 2010 NONE NONE  very good boy--no screaming at the GSDs next door 
June 15, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  1: again, Mr UPS man Even more excited at Mr UPS--but he'll sit for him 
June 14, 2010 NONE 0: calm  Screaming w/joy at Mr UPS; good w/deer and w/dog in distance; great w/LAT 
June 6, 2010  lots: see blog Attempt # 2 at remedial off-leash socialization 
June 17, 2010 NONE NONE  3 during our plush dog approach work Vanya did great today 
June 16, 2010 NONE NONE NONE  good day for Vanya, except the recall work w/R- freaked him out, poor thing, and then he shrieked at a van and shrieked at reflections on the chimney 
June 18, 2010 NONE  whining didn't want to leave Peter and the kids, but better than usual; great w/plushy practice calming 
June 21, 2010 NONE 1: 0: calm  lots  He did reasonably well with his work w/Amber; lots of shrieking and whining, but he could calm down and parallel leash walk (40 ft apart); great w/Mel V.  
June 20, 2010 NONE NONE 1: 0: calm  great day 
June 19, 2010 NONE NONE 1:  great time w/kids next door playing on rocks 
July 2, 2010 NONE NONE NONE NONE   
July 1, 2010 NONE 0: calm   
June 30, 2010 NONE 1:   
June 29, 2010 0: calm  several training w/Amber: crate calming worked well 
June 28, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  farm: calm 
June 27, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  farm: the guests love him because he's so friendly! 
June 26, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  great on the farm, playing in fields 
June 25, 2010 NONE NONE 1: 0: calm  excited w/vet, but much less than usual 
June 24, 2010 0: calm  crazy practice in Oregon: dozens of dogs went by, way over threshold for Vanya 
June 30, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  very good on drive to Madison 
June 22, 2010 NONE NONE 0: calm  great on hike in forest 
July 3, 2010 NONE 1:  HOT day! Vanya very subdued, although he did like hanging out down at the sea caves 
July 5, 2010 NONE 1: 0: calm  great on walk; started to chase deer but recalled right away 
July 4, 2010 NONE 0: calm  barking dogs on both sides! really, he was fine 
June 1, 2010 NONE NONE NONE 0: calm  PROZAC STARTS 
Showing 39 items