Training Logs

I work best when I have clear tasks (that's why I like Sophia Yin's Manners Minder DVD so much.) Here are training logs for various tasks that I want to do in order to help Vanya focus and calm down in novel environments.  
MAIN GOAL: shape calmness

Main exercises: click on links to view training logs
Distraction levels/locations:
  1. inside the house, Manners Minder as his distraction
  2. outside, on our property, MM beeping: (either on the farm w/chickens, or outside the cabin)
  3. outside, on familiar nearby place (either on the quiet bike trail by the farm or on the dirt road outside the cabin)
  4. in a nearby village: (in Monticello, by the farm; or in Corny up north). 
  5. in a crowded parking lot, lots of people (farm: Walmart in Monroe; up north: fish lot)
  6. city streets (Monroe or Ashland)
  7. outside a dog park or kenneled dog

  • off-leash dog
  • on-leash dog
  • person approaching: no fear, tons of excitement in the city, calm in the country
  • bikes & runners in the city
  • cities & towns
  • slowing down when we're driving or turning
    Former Triggers see this blog entry

Calming Signs to REWARD/ SHAPE
  • soft eye
  • soft face
  • soft posture
  • soft mouth
  • taking treats
  • following cues
  • soft low wagging tail
  • play bow
  • watch me
  • default sit
  • default watch
  • glance at trigger and look back
  • turn away from trigger
  • wiggle with happiness
  • rest head on legs
  • sigh
Stress Levels
0. soft posture, relaxed, responds to cues
1. soft whining, slightly hard mouth, can respond to cues, wrinkled brow
2. louder whining, some scanning, can offer SIT, HEEL, THIS WAY, and LAT, but some trouble with WATCH and TARGET, might stare at trigger and get stiff posture, but can look away and relax 
3. shrieking begins, dashes to end of line and back to me, can still respond to SIT if I can direction
4. screaming, lunging and tries to pull out of harness, can't respond to anything, calms down in a few seconds if he can't see trigger
5. chattering, lunges, bites at leash, pulls out of harness, chuffing, take more than a minute to calm back down