This website has two main sections: 

TRAINING LOGS track my attempts to do my homework to shape calmer responses in Vanya, and to work on his focus in new environments. He's hypersensitive to sounds
, new places, new smells, new dogs, and what else? But his triggers have radically reduced over the years, which is good news. 

BLOG follows Vanya's training journey from his adoption. Because I started this blog in Feb. 2010 and adopted him on Halloween 2007, the first posts in this blog are taken from  posts I made to the  clickersolutions yahoo list  asking for help.

About meNancy Langston
When I'm not playing with the dogs, I'm writing books about environmental change. My new book, Toxic Bodies: Hormone Disruptors and the Legacy of DES, was just released by Yale University Press!

Tiva (pictured right) would like to remind everyone that, unlike that little punk 
Vanya, she is the perfect dog. Otherwise she would have a website of her very own. But since she's perfect, she doesn't need one. 
The Vanya Project

Welcome to the adventures of life with Vanya, a hyper-aroused little pit bull. His name is Russian and it means either "gracious gift of god" or "little Ivan the Terrible." And that about sums him up.

Even though he was our second bully (Tiva was our first), we didn't have a clue what we were getting into with Vanya. Good thing we fell instantly in love with him! Working with him over the past 2 years has 
been a labor of love, sometimes of intense frustration. Whenever you're getting frustrated with your own dog, read about Vanya and think: "there but for the grace of dog..."

Vanya is male, neutered, born probably around Jan 2007. He spent two months in the shelter before we adopted him on Halloween 2007. We know little about his life before he was found as a stray.

(Photo by Mike DeVries of the Capitol Times)